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Co founder of The HOW People, freelance GP, Mum of 4, Home/World/Flexi schooler. Lover of road trips, travel, friends, start up businesses and the great outdoors.

Happiest in the mountains or by the sea with husband Davey and the kids. Wants to see as much of the world as possible with her family. 

One of her daughters is 13 yrs old. She is a lover of adventure, her friends and Tik Toc.

Like every teenage girl.

Passionate about making and taking opportunities, Jo is excited about all the HOW plans. "HOW is having a really positive impact on the girls we have worked with so far and we are so excited to continue building on this."


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Polly Crook


Co-Founder of The HOW People, with a background in design, and a career in the action sports world.

Beach obsessed Mumbles native, with two salty sandy children. Trying to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

A family of outdoor addicts. There is nothing Polly loves more than an adventure somewhere around the world, or an everyday doorstep adventure. 

A self confessed doer with the inability to take no for an answer.

"Tell me I can’t do something. I dare you."

"Some might call me a bit bossy, but I like to think I’m being assertive! I can’t argue with the people that say I talk a lot."

"My Dad’s mantra about his children growing up was ‘Give them roots, and give them wings’ That’s why I’m doing this. I love making things happen."


She works super hard with us in the shadows at The HOW People. She is a business mentor, coach and straight talker. 

Her background in delivering international coaching solutions has been gained over multiple industries. She’s by now totally ancient, has had white hair since she was 17 and yet still enjoys a decent cocktail and a late-night kitchen boogie.  

Professionally she has partnered with hundreds of senior individuals to improve personal effectiveness and now has a Board advisory portfolio working with business owners based in South Wales. 

Amanda combines rigorous training with professional coaching bodies and mentees (such as Dr Richard Bandler the founder of NLP) with her gusto singing techniques gained from years of rigorous choral and vocal training including at WNO, performing as a soloist for the Cardiff University Chorale and at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff. She delivers Media Training and Coaching for corporate and sports professionals with Orchard Media and Events Company and combines her practical proven techniques and generous dollops of support. She supports Boards to make good decisions and has been a Director of a National Charity as well as other governance roles. Her identity lies in giving back and put simply, helping other achieve what the HOW People stand for: Happiness Opportunities and Wellbeing.


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