Welcome to our Brew Monday sessions

Waiting list for NEW 'Being YOU' online course for teens 11-14 years and parents. Starts March 2022.

There is always time for a cuppa and a catch up.

To mark this we are opening up some conversations. One for teens and one for adults.

There are two free sessions available on catch up that are lighthearted but helpful and valuable. More Brew Monday sessions will follow.

Next session save the day: Monday 14th March 5.15pm

Recorded. Teens 'Being YOU' (45 mins)  

Jo Williams psychotherapist and Dr Jo Watkins, GP and co-founder of The HOW People will be chatting to teens about how to be themselves and why this is important. A relaxed, cameras off session but with an interactive chat box for any questions.

'The Being YOU session with Jo Williams is a workshop that I wish all people could hear as it is such important information, thank you Jo and The HOW People'  GP and parent of 14 year old, Dr Sirani, UK

Recorded. Parents Q&A  (45 mins)

Open forum chat for parents.
How to support our teens during this time including helping with uncertainty and worry

An informal, discussion based session with a chat box and top tips. 

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Informal, webinar chats 

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Brew Monday is a phrase coined by the Samaritans for the second Monday in January that is often referred to as 'Blue Monday'. They want to ditch the 'Blue Monday' and make it a time to connect and start a conversation with someone who needs it or your friends and family.


'Brew Monday' campaign from The Samaritans