A FREE online workshop, with Fresh Creative and The HOW People, to design a mural for the outside of the Langland RNLI building

Open to all Year 5/6 in primary schools in Swansea or home educated children in Swansea aged 9-11 years old

FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP: 10-10.45am on Monday 6th February
COMPETITION OPEN: Monday 6th February to Friday 17th February 4pm
WINNERS WORKSHOP: Saturday 4th March 10.30-12pm in person at Fresh Creative in Swansea city centre

This free design workshop for every primary school in Swansea and will take place on Monday 6th February 10-11am on Zoom with The HOW People and Fresh Creative

- how to follow a design brief
- how to come up with ideas
- how to get started on the design
- how to convey a message with art

A recording will be sent to those who register so you can watch in your own time.

The competition will then open for your pupils to submit their own designs. 

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We are VERY excited about this. 

Anyone who lives in Swansea will recognise some of the stunning and creative work from Fresh Creative that we see all over our city and the surrounding area on electricity boxes, shop fronts and random walls.

They are a fantastic street art company and are ready to collaborate with us at The HOW People and the brilliant RNLI in Langland to launch a super exciting workshop and competition for Swansea school students in Year 5/6. 

Winners have a chance to actually see some of their ideas come to life on the Langland RNLI Lifeguard Building for the summer. 

HOW this will work:

1. 6th February 10-10.45am is a free design workshop for Swansea schools and home educated children aged 9-11years old with The HOW People and Fresh Creative all about HOW to design art with an important message.

2. The Langland RNLI Design Competition is launched and open from 6th February to 17th February for entries. Use this form for entry. Click here.

3. Judges from The HOW People, Fresh Creative, RNLI and Mumbles Community Council will choose 12 artists from the designs entered.

4. Winners are invited to an in person second workshop on Saturday 4th March 10.30-12pm at Fresh Creative HQ, High Street, Swansea City Centre

5. Fresh Creative design and paint the building bringing together ideas, concepts and designs from the winners workshop and competition entries.

6. Artists are invited to attend the opening of the building with local press.

Who are The HOW People?

Co founders are Jo and Polly. Jo is a GP, life coach and mum of 4 including 2 teenagers so sees the issues of reduced self esteem and confidence, anxiety and poor mental health in our young people along with the need for role models who aren't parents and aren't teachers at this time.

Polly is a Mum of two who has grown up in Mumbles. She is a newly qualified volunteer coastguard and avid beach cleaner as well as a teen mentor who brings together her skills in leadership, building inclusive communities and the love of her environment and the outdoors with infectious enthusiasm.

The HOW People's mission, with their courses and communities, is to support, inspire and connect young people to help them with their mental and physical wellbeing along with building the life skills and habits needed to navigate entry into the teen years and the transition to secondary school.

Alongside their digital community for teenage girls they deliver assemblies, workshops and a full programme of sessions into Year 6 classrooms with their team including Emma Clift who is a brilliant Year 7 tutor and PSHE teacher in secondary schools and Jo Williams who is a psychotherapist with years of experience working with teenagers.

Do drop us an email for anymore information [email protected]