HOW to be smart with phones and tablets
from The HOW People

Why do teachers and parents worry so much about screens?

What is the big deal?

Some will have phones others won't but they aren't going anywhere fast and our digital world is growing so let's talk about it and arm our children with knowledge and tools to use when they enter that digital world. We talk about screen use in general and the importance of healthy habits and boundaries. 

 This is a fun, interactive session that was streamed into Year 6 classrooms and homes up and down the country and is now available on playback.

Aimed for children around 10/11 years old. 

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Here is what some pupils and teachers have said about out 'Know HOW' programme into Year 6 classrooms


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Thousands of Year 6 pupils up and down the country joined us for this live, interactive workshop. You can watch it on record just be entering your details below. 

It was informative, educational and fun.

Why do parents and teachers worry?

How can you manage your phone better when you get one?

Why everyone and every family have different opinions and screens and phones.

"The HOW People are encouraging positive habits as early as possible to improve the wellbeing of our children as they grow into teenagers"

"Developing a tool box of life skills for young people"

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The Know HOW is a comprehensive programme of modules for Year 6 students that helps develop their health and wellbeing, relationships and how they deal with the wider world. 

The programme is available now for £997 but by signing up to our free workshop on the 21st January you will get access to a discount code giving you £500 off this price that is valid from 21st January to 1st February.

Module 1 covered health and wellbeing (available on record)
Module 2 starts February 4th covering relationships
Module 3 starts May 6th covering living in the real world

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Offering exciting, new content for Year 6 teachers under these areas of the National Curriculum (England) and The Curriculum for Wales (starting 2022): Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) subjects, health and wellbeing plus digital competence, social media and broader life skills.

These online modules are brilliantly delivered by Emma Clift, an experienced Year 7 tutor, drama teacher and PSHE teacher in secondary schools.

The course has been designed by our experts in the Know HOW team at The HOW People

Emma Clift Year 7 tutor/PSHE teacher, drama teacher and part time actress
Dr Jo Watkins an experienced GP, mum of 4, including 2 teenagers and co-founder of The HOW People
Joanna Williams The HOW People's resident psychotherapist specialising in young people
Polly Crook Co-founder of The HOW People, teen mentor, design and branding queen. Making slides and learning resources fun and practical.


Parents of Year 5/6 children, home educated families and children welcome

Aged 10/11 (guideline) 

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