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HOW Inspire is a unique, exciting membership hub for teenage girls age 11-16 years old

"Exposure to role models, intergenerational and peer to peer mentoring is the most powerful way to inspire the next generation; building confident, forward thinking, innovative and passionate young people"

Dr Jo Watkins, co founder The HOW People

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HOW Inspire is a fun, safe, community connecting girls to other girls of the same age all over the world.

Bringing role models, mentors, experts and coaches into their world.
Showing them what is possible.
Helping each other learn and grow.


Does any of this sound familiar?

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You sometimes worry about your teen and hope that she is able to talk to and open up to teachers and other parents. You hope she will learn from others around her

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You know she needs the influence of mentors and other adults in her life. You want her to be inspired and excited about her life ahead but realise that it can be hard

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You feel she needs to gain confidence to help her lead a successful life ahead and would benefit from some outside support from mentors and experts along the way


How can The HOW People help? 

We use the pillars of The HOW People  (Happiness, Opportunities and Wellbeing) to create the framework for all our courses, workshops and live events.

HOW Inspire is our signature digital membership for teen girls 

Mentoring Calls 

 with guest speakers

Enouraging WELLBEING
The Know HOW framework of life skills and wellbeing 

These are inspiring, relaxed, inclusive and most of all FUN!

We chat to all sorts of incredible people and bring some amazing content to your teens. Bringing young role models along with older experts, focusing on personal development, mentoring, positivity and enjoyment.

Your teen will learn from others about the paths their lives have taken
. What they are passionate about. Their struggles. Their advice.

All this, whilst making new friends around the world. 

"Like a weekly digital hug"
"Exactly what my daughter needs to help her through her teen years"
"My daughter loves every week! She can't wait to jump on the call every Thursday to see who she is going to meet, or what the next topic is"
"A weekly dose of friendship, happiness and community"

We reach out to speakers and experts from all walks of life: their career path, things they'd do differently and what advice they would give to their teenage self. 

Join now £27 a month
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Mentoring Calls

  • Mentoring calls or HOW Chats kick off the month
  • Facilitated by co founders plus HOW Researcher Emma Clift, a secondary PHSE Teacher and previous Year 7 form tutor
  • Sessions start and end as a group with co founders and all the girls
  • Games, chats, open forum time for discussions around important topics
  • Smaller group work for ages 11-13 yrs and a focus on mentoring for 14-16 yrs in break out rooms
  • Discussing weekly wins, goal setting and any issues together
  • Encouraging peer to peer support
  • Learning from each other
  • One session a month


TED talks for teens 

  • A special guest is invited to chat about their role, their journey, their advice to their teenage self  
  • Covering all sorts of careers and role models  
  • Learning from people who you wouldn't meet in everyday life   
  • Be inspired by role models who are passionate about their subjects   
  • Encouraged to ask questions with mic or in chat box
  • #likeTEDtalksforteens
  • Two sessions a month 
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The Know HOW

  • The building blocks of teening and adulting: our own framework
  • Run as a discussion with Q&A 
  • These sessions will take a subject from The Know HOW course and stimulate a discussion
  • Sleep, nutrition, worry, social media, connection, friendship, body confidence, self confidence
  • Positivity, breathing, journalling, stress, entrepreneurship and more  
  • Co founders will lead and invite a guest, if suitable, for the subject
  • One session a month 

Here is a sneaky peak into our HOW Inspire membership calls with guests Caroline Millington, Ria Chatterjee and La Chun Lindsay


This is what one of our amazing guests, actress Aimee Barrett had to say about coming to speak to our HOW Inspire Membership girls...



These are the options

Monthly HOW Inspire Membership

£27 a month

What you will receive

  • Friends for life, links with teens across the world
  • Weekly LIVE Zoom calls from HOW experts/coaches Thursdays 7pm 
  • Community of great girls, coaches and mentors 
  • Free Facebook group for parents
  • Calls recorded for the month only for playback/catch up on different days if you have commitments on a Thursday 
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Mentors, coaches and networks are for business people and sportspeople, right? 

If you are a parent of a teen, one of your biggest concerns will probably be the education and future for your children. 

Unfortunately, most parents rely solely on the education system to inspire and encourage their teens.

Schools are focused on passing exams, jumping through hoops and are limited in what they can teach by the National Curriculum.

How many times do young people leave school feeling uninspired, disinterested and unsure what is out there for them in the world, whether they do well in their school exams or not? 

Our education system is expected to undergo a big shake up but, for now, the full focus is on exams and a results based system. 

There is another way. 

This is not just something which is only available to private school students. 

You can look outside of the traditional school system to open up a network of support for your daughter.

That’s why we created the HOW Inspire membership programme. 

We offer mentoring and find inspirational people, inviting them to talk to the girls about their journey, their story and their advice.

We believe that exposure to role models, intergenerational and peer to peer mentoring is the most powerful way to inspire the next generation and build confident, forward thinking, innovative and passionate young people. 

Join now £27 a month


So, what then?

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You know that your daughter has the tools and support system of peers, mentors and coaches to guide her through these teenage years

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You know that you are supported for those times when you just need advice from an expert or someone who has been there. You have someone to ask

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You know that no matter what, your daughter has a network she can contact when she is feeling up or down, who can support her and guide her

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'If she can see it, she can be it' 

Those people ahead of you can show you the way and light up a path you didn't know existed.

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Join now £27 a month

Here are two of the girls from our membership telling you a little bit about what they love about the HOW Inspire membership.

Two very different answers to show that each girl takes different things away from each session.

Bethan (aged 12) and Claudia (aged 14)


How does it make people feel? 

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“I’m not sure where to start with ‘general’ feedback - I’m so thankful that both my girls have been a part of The HOW People. I think that this is going to be life altering for so many young girls. At this tricky time when self esteem is being formed, you are showing young girls that there really is more to life than the fake reality that social media is creating."

Rhian, South Wales. Mum of twin 13 year old girls, HOW founding members

"The confidence you have given the girls, the way you both treat them as important individuals with voices that will be heard and the bonding you encourage between them is fantastic. This is a tricky age when they are on the cusp of being a teenager as well as discovering who they are. I remember feeling so socially awkward at this age, difficult to know where your place is.

Anna, North London. Mum of 12 year old HOW founding member

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This all sounds great.
What do I do next? 

Join now £27 a month
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These HOW MENTORING sessions bring fun and connection. A safe space to share, to watch, to listen, to get involved or to just be.

Connecting with other girls from all over the country and the world, without pressure, assumption, judgement. 

11-16 years old may seem like a big age range but there is huge value in the peer to peer support they provide each other.

We will be using one session every month for mentoring and small group work within the different age groups 11-13 years and 14-16 years groups.

This gives the girls space to get to know each other and the freedom to help design their own sessions. 

We will start and end the HOW MENTORING sessions as a group, introducing topics to discuss, finding out what we have coming up and then debriefing at the end together.

The older girls really help the younger ones come out of themselves as they have that little bit more confidence to get involved. Sometimes, the opposite is true. That is the beauty of it, no week is the same. 

Unique features:
Breakout rooms

Looking at our wins, our struggles, our plans and goals.


Twice monthly (Thursday 8-8.30pm)
Group mentoring 14-16 yrs (chat re. exams, stress, revision, work experience, time management, possibly looking at topics like body image, consent etc. in time) 

Once a month (Monday 7-8pm)
Group mentoring 11-13 yrs (any friendship issues, social media problems. Anything. A safe, supported space)

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These sessions are how it all began back in April 2020. 

With no live business due to Covid we launched into the online space with our Digital Life Stories/#likeTEDtalksforteens bringing role models and speakers from all walks of life to our online home.

This went so well (and we raised £1800 in the process) that we decided to launch our membership after many requests to keep it all going.

We have had so many incredible women from different walks of life join us. A soil scientist, a journalist, two Olympians, a world record breaking sailor, an entomologist, a marine biologist, some entrepreneurs and many many more. We want to feature doctors, teachers, lawyers and more traditional careers too but our speciality is bringing people into the world of our members that they might not normally come across or have any idea what these people do (Polly even had to google a couple!). 

You have to see it to be it. 

The future world of work is going to look very different for our children.

So many of the jobs they will do have not been created yet. The education system needs to catch up with this huge shift but we are here and we want to show these amazing young minds that anything is possible.

Unique features:
Guest speakers with interactive chat box
Meeting role models you would never meet in normal life

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There are some building blocks in life. Some fundamentals that we all need to nurture and skills that will serve us all very well if we have a better knowledge and understanding of their importance.

These are the core blocks of our starter course that will be released as a 12 wk programme in January.

We offer specific courses with coaches on some of these topics like a Self Confidence Course with small group workshops and will be releasing several more in the future.  

Every month we will have a session discussing one of these topics. Sometimes with co founders, a guest, an expert or using a recorded interview, but always focusing on one of these subjects: 

Sleep, fear and adventure, nutrition and food, social media, activity and exercise, the outdoors, anxiety, positivity, periods, intra and entrepreneurship, taking notice and breath work, self confidence, body confidence and more.

Unique features:
Learning life skills
Developing a tool box of skills and knowledge in a fun, interactive way

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You're covered by our guarantee

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We want you to have a great time and enjoy your membership. Try us out for 1 month and if for any reason you no longer want the membership, send us an email and we will refund 100% of your money

Yes that is right, if you and/or your teen are not satisfied you have 30 days from purchase for a FULL REFUND.

 *Cancel at any time 

Have any further questions? Email [email protected] and we would love to speak with you.


We get it.
Personally, professionally
and as parents

We are here to help support you and your daughter for as long as you need us. Complementing your parenting and her school environment. 

We know how hard it is to get it right. In fact, it is impossible to feel you have got it right!

Work life balance, the extra stress around the pandemic the guilt of not being around to help or just finding everything really hard. That is OK!

We know how much there is to worry about at the moment in terms of external influences.

Social media, pressure to look or behave in a certain way, fake reality and trying to find their place in the world. Not to mention the stress of the exam based school system.

These are the things our teens are currently dealing with... not to mention the normal hormonal changes.

We are mothers too. Jo is a GP with a 14 year old girl in her family, so knows the challenges that brings, first hand.

We are doing our best to bring up kind, well-adjusted kids who are growing up so quickly in front of our eyes.

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Hey there, we are Jo and Polly.

Here is a little more about us...


Co founder of The HOW People, freelance GP, Mum of 4. Two kids 14 and 12 in senior school, one 8 year old home schooled plus a 6 year old at school. 

Lover of road trips, travel, friends, start up businesses and the great outdoors.

Jo knows how important role models are to her own daughter and how they influenced her own path in life. 

Happiest in the mountains or by the sea with husband Davey and the kids. She wants to see as much of the world as possible with her family. 

One of her daughters is 14 yrs old. She is a lover of adventure, her friends and Snapchat. Like every teenage girl. Jo has the same struggles and issues as every teen parent out there and learns from those around her.

Jo understands exactly what goes on in a teenage house! 

Passionate about making and taking opportunities, Jo is excited about all the HOW plans. "HOW is having a really positive impact on the girls we have worked with so far and we are so excited to continue building on this. We are expanding into schools this year and want to help boys as well as those who are unable to finance this programme"



Co-founder of The HOW People with a background in design, a career in sales and strategic development for a global sports brand and currently working  for a charity in the 'Sport for development' sector. 

Polly is a beach obsessed Mumbles native, with two small children who are never happier than slightly feral and exploring rock pools.

Polly and her husband Dan try to be as environmentally conscious as possible, whilst teaching their kids how they can have a positive impact on the world.

Polly is the first to admit that growing up, education was her Kryptonite. People are always shocked when they find out that the incredibly ambitious, confident, spreadsheet queen they know today, actually left school with only three GCSE's!

After finding out she was dyslexic at an early age, those school years were pretty tough. No matter what anyone told her, she always felt like a bit of a 'thicko'. 

Everything changed for Polly when she met an unlikely mentor in sixth form who saw straight through her outer shell, and taught her the difference between being confident and self confidence. That you can in fact be outwardly confident, yet have low self confidence.  This pivotal moment gave Polly the confidence to resit her GCSE's and finally go on to University to study design. Something she thought a 'thicko' like her could never achieve.

That is the reason Polly believes in the incredible impact a mentor or role model can have on the lives of young people. Because for her, it was the moment she began to believe in her abilities. That you don't have to be great at spelling to achieve great things.

"Tell me I can’t do something. I dare you."

"Some might call me a bit bossy, but I like to think I’m being assertive!"

"I can’t argue with the people that say I talk a lot."

Polly's Dad’s mantra about his children growing up was ‘Give them roots and give them wings’. That’s why she is doing this.

"I love making things happen."


Good, because there's something 
Laurene needs to tell you.


"I am incredibly impressed with what Jo and Polly have managed to create with How People digital membership in such a short time. Mentoring young women to dream, to act and to connect with others are essential elements to building strong women of the future.

I enrolled my daughter in The How People digital membership hoping that her confidence would improve. It seems to be working! She has benefitted from inspiring speakers and practical workshops on many different topics: from personality types, creating a purposeful vision board, to becoming more social media savvy.

She has consistently been introduced to energetic, successful, and authentic female role models, (entrepreneurs, scientists, interior designers, environmentalists) and for that I am so grateful!

Jo and Polly honour parent involvement with timely communication and are appreciative of parent feedback. The How People’s mission is to “Encourage happiness. Take opportunities. Look after your wellbeing” and that is exactly what I want for my daughter. Thank you, How People!"

- Laurene Head, Calgary, Canada. Proud mum of a 16 year old, HOW Membership founding member 


Frequently Asked Questions

Like the sound of it? 

Join now £27 a month
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This is our real life.

Life can be messy and wonderful and scary and changing all the time. We embrace the chaos, and turn it into memories and conversations that our children will remember their entire lives.

Honest. Funny. Driven. Inspirational. Ridiculous.

Apparently, these words describe us both very well.

With very different stories to get us to this place.

A place where we are here, doing this, together.

Both following our passions and loving every minute of what we are doing.

Our stories. Our paths to get here...

Intertwined in strange ways along our lives despite growing up 200 miles apart. 

We will tell our stories along the way and try and paint the picture of what got us to now.

We get by on crazy work hours, maternal guilt, silly sleep hours and wondering if we are getting it all 'right'.

Well, if you have read this far, and you are thinking this is it, then please get in touch with us: [email protected] for more information or to join the waiting list. Membership will reopen for a pop up over the next few months at some point!


This is generally what happens when we try and record anything official at HOW HQ



What she said!

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Kate Toon
Award-winning misfit entrepreneur who works globally with small businesses and big brands on their online presence

'I am really excited about your business guys. You are doing great things. We need your membership for boys too, quickly, so it is brilliant you are taking this into schools in the UK. Keep going. It is fantastic'

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Trudy Goldsack
Director of Esantee Ltd. and parent of two teenage girls

"My daughters have both benefited hugely from their involvement with the HOW Inspire membership. 

The calls are delivered with such warmth and kindness and I truly feel that the girls can't help feeling inspired and motivated to do and be things that maybe they hadn't really thought about before.

I am passionate about the happiness and wellbeing of children and keen to open the door to new opportunities for them all, so I am delighted to hear they are opening up to schools. Giving opportunities that I simply didn't have when I was a teenager. The HOW People are a perfect fit for that and long may they continue to grow and provide such massively important tools for schools, tweens, teenagers and their parents. The HOW People - you rock!"

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Jess Childs Probert
Children's author and founder of 'Big issues for little people'

"I don't know a woman alive who didn't find the journey from childhood to womanhood a challenge in some way or another, and the insecure teenager in me definitely wishes The HOW People were around in my day. 

In a world where social media dominates and real life role models can be thin on the ground, The HOW People programmes offer a tangible way we can try and stay true to our kids in the trickiest of times.

These are the skills and experiences we should absolutely be sharing and hearing about in schools and across youth culture today."

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Amanda Morgan Thomas 
Business mentor, coach and parent of 1 girl and 2 teenage boys

"Looking back at my time transitioning to high school - I was lost. A careers teacher got us to take a quiz. I was fire'man' or career advisor. Possibly newsreader. And then I was sent packing. Luckily for me my family introduced me to work (Saturday jobs) at the age of 13 and were always taking me out to meet their pals (what, again, boring!) so I developed a good idea of what grown ups 'did'. However...if The HOW People had been in my life - I think I would have been braver. Full stop.  

I've seen kids on the HOW Inspire programme have a genuine light bulb moment when they listen to role models from soil scientists and sports professionals, vets to entomologists.

Widening our social connections to broaden our view of the world is critical. We all know this. At a time when many of our wings have been clipped by a global pandemic and central education budgets are squeezed tighter and tighter too.  

Teenage life is still as loaded with questions, hormones, emotions and dilemmas as it was all those years ago. But then multiply all that by TECH. 

HOW Inspire bridges the gap of what a school curriculum CAN teach and what all kids NEED exposure to and support with."


Is this programme a right fit for your daughter?

This course IS for you

You want to give your daughter space to thrive

You want to facilitate her spending time with mentors and other professionals

You want to fill her with a can do attitude and inspiration

You want her to be able to be herself at a time when she may find that hard

You want her outlook to be broadened

You want her to get on the right start in her teens

You want her to build her own community and support network

This course IS NOT for you

You don't want to give your teen a helping hand 

You want to leave it to school to offer her guidance and inspiration

You don't want her outlook to be broadened

You don't want her to have a support network of mentors and role models

You don't want to see her confidence grow

You don't want her to have a safe space to be herself without judgement

You don't want to see her light up after the sessions



Before we go, one more thing

 We want to help you and your daughter grow, learn and challenge these factors together and as a result feel more connected.

Some teens join on their own for our LIVE sessions every Thursday and it is THEIR time, THEIR space to listen, chat if they want and just be.

Others have it on to watch with their family around so they can listen in too. It is a family membership. We have had lots of parents really enjoying the sessions too! Some watch on catch up in their own time.

Whatever works for you.

Hopefully we can help you grow and maintain that strong bond to deal with whatever life throws at you, becoming mentors to your daughters and  offering them well needed INSPIRATION to walk their own path in life. 

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