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Building strong women of the future under the pillars of The HOW People.

Happiness. Opportunities. Wellbeing. 

New members first session 9th January.
Gift coupons available until Christmas Day. 
Buy Christmas 'Just Pretty Awesome' membership £97

Buy this gift of community and friendship for your teenage girl this Christmas with the new and improved 'Just Pretty Awesome' membership

Just Pretty Awesome is for girls 11-14 years old, offering community, life skills, coaching and mentoring to navigate their early teens plus peer to peer support and older HOW Teen Mentors.
What do I get for £97:

3 months (January, February and March) of weekly content starting on January 9th, Monday evenings 7.15-8pm (3 live calls and one week of recorded content)

3 further months (April, May, June and July) of monthly check in coaching/mentoring sessions with Emma Clift and HOW Mentors

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Do you want the awesome young lady in your life to have a community of expert mentors, coaches and older peers by her side during tricky times?

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A worldwide, digital  community with live, interactive zoom calls, teen mentoring, coaching from experts and peer to peer support.

Created for teen girls age 11-14 and built around the three pillars of HOW: Happiness | Opportunities | Wellbeing

The first of its kind in the UK, and open to teenage girls across world. This fun, inclusive, engaging community will help your teen thrive. We specialise in nurturing friendships, encouraging individuality, and building self belief through their teen years. 

Join them or let them fly solo as your girls engross themsleves in the wonderful, supportive and fun 'Just Pretty Awesome' HOW world. Apologies in advance for the cooking sessions... it may get messy, but always delicious. 

Buy Christmas 'Just Pretty Awesome' membership £97


Here's HOW it all pans out...

We use the pillars of The HOW People to create the framework for our membership.
Our Just Pretty Awesome LIVE calls are inspiring, relaxed, inclusive, inspiring and most of all FUN!

It is impossible not to be inspired by the role models, mentors and bubbling supportive community. Some of the girls have cameras on, some prefer cameras off and everyone loves the chat box.

We get it, the 'Just Pretty Awesome' membership is a bit different. A community of girls from all over the UK and very soon the world (we have had a girl from Canada and France and one of our teen mentors has been with us for 2 years from USA) on Zoom? We promise, once the girls have been to their first call, they feel instantly connected to a world of new friends.

You get them to come to the first call and we'll do the rest.

Over the full year our topics come from our pillars of Happiness, Opportunities and Wellbeing below.

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  • The keys to confidence 
  • Building resilience 
  • Growing self-belief                         
  • I CAN do this 
  • Who I want to be 
  • Healthy friendships



  • Communication skills 
  • Vision boarding 
  • Money matters 
  • Facing fears and adventure   
  • Presenting skills    
  • Dealing with change 
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  • Eating and drinking 
  • Kindness and gratitude 
  • Sleeping well 
  • Worry well 
  • Journaling 
  • Self care - what is it?



You're covered by our guarantee.

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We want your teen to have a great time and enjoy her membership. This is a one off Christmas gift but if you try us out for 1 month and feel it isn't right for you then send us an email and we will refund 100% of your money

Yes that is right, if you and/or your teen are not satisfied you have 30 days from purchase for a FULL REFUND.

Have any further questions? Email [email protected] and we would love to speak with you.

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Hey there, we are Jo and Polly.

Here is a little more about us...


Freelance GP, coach, mentor, Mum of 4, home/world/flexi schooler. Lover of road trips, travel, friends, start up businesses, community and the great outdoors.

Jo is excited about all the HOW plans. "HOW is having a really positive impact on the girls we have worked with so far and we are so excited to continue building on this".


Polly is a beach obsessed Mumbles native with two salty, sandy kids. She has a background in design, and a career in the corporate sports world and grassroots charity sporting sector. There is nothing Polly loves more than an adventure with her family. 

"My Dad’s mantra about his children growing up was ‘Give them roots, and give them wings’ That’s why I’m doing this. I want to support as many young people as I can to understand the core and roots of who they are, and to help them to find their wings."


Frequently Asked Questions

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This is our real life.

Life can be messy and wonderful and scary and changing at time. We want to create memories and conversations that our children will remember their entire lives. 

We get by on flexing our work hours around our family lives, school runs, after school activities and even a bit of home schooling thrown in for good measure whilst wondering if we are getting it all 'right'. Constantly consumed by mother's guilt at getting it 'wrong'. But isn't that most of us?! We try to lead by our values of creating Happiness, finding Opportunities and looking after our Wellbeing. Most of the time this can be achieved in one hit for us with a quick dunk in the sea! :)

We want to create an organisation that has meaningful impact. To support the brilliant humans that enter our HOW world, and give them the tools they need to thrive in life.

Well if you have read this far, we would love to see your teen on the ride with us. This could be the Christmas present that changes your teens outlook and life choices. Why not take this Opportunity to Make your teen Happy and suppoort their Wellbeing?!

Try something different for your teen for Christmas. Our children don't need more 'stuff' they need support and community around them

Buy now as a gift for Christmas
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