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HOW Inspire Special: South Asian Heritage Month

HOW Inspire sessions are all about just that. INSPIRATION.

Women from all walks of life with passion for their subject and their craft telling their story. This week brings us something a little bit different, focused around helping us understand a really important part of the history of the UK that is over looked at school.

All this and more in a small group Zoom call. Aimed for teenage girls but open to anyone.

HOW Inspire Special Tuesday 28th May 7.30pm with Dr Binita Kane and 13 yr old Sumayyah Muhammad. Binita is a young respiratory physician and co founder of South Asian Heritage Month which is celebrating and highlighting the stories that are behind our rich cultural diversity. The events around Partition, the mass migration of people to the UK, and the importance of this historical event is not taught enough in our schools. With powerful stories about their own ancestors that came to the UK, they are both passionate about educating and making sure these stories are told rather than over looked. This will take the form of an informal interview/ Q&A with Polly and Jo.

Dr Binita Kane: Lung Doctor and Co founder of South Asian Heritage Month.
South Asian Heritage month is a first of its kind this month celebrating the wonderful mix of culture we have in the UK had the stories behind this. We learn about the Roman Empire and Henry VIII in school but not about something called Partition that happened in India and South Asia 72 years ago leading to an awful situation and millions fleeing including to the UK. These stories are an important part of our history and make up but this is often over looked in UK historical story telling.