An 8 week course with an experienced psychotherapist including a parents' session for 11-13 year olds


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8 live sessions including a live parents' call 



Interactive sessions
with cameras on

When we talked to our members we heard common problems

"My daughter has low self esteem and has had friends let her down in the past. She has lost her confidence this year and hardly speaks to friends."

"I think my child is getting more self conscious and doesn't always like to talk about what they like in case it is not the right thing."

"My daughter is very shy and tries too hard to fit in. She struggles to speak up for herself. She never initiates conversation with someone new to her"

The HOW People stands for Happiness, Opportunities
and Wellbeing

A digital hub offering workshops, courses, a Year 6 programme in schools, talks nights and our signature membership programme inspiring teenage girls to carve their own path in life. This involves weekly live calls with our members and guest coaches, mentors, experts and role models.

The HOW People was founded by two great friends and mums with very different backgrounds who saw a need for something a bit different to complement parenting and the education system. Described as "a digital hug" and “a weekly dose of friendship, happiness and community” by its members and "exactly what young women need right now" by a parent.

Who are The HOW People? 

Dr Jo Watkins is a GP and mum of 4 (including one home schooled 8 year old) with a passion for start ups and online learning. 

Polly Crook is a design, strategy and spreadsheet queen, mum of 2 with a corporate business background.

Joanna Williams is one of the regular HOW coaches. She is a wellbeing expert, registered psychotherapist and occupational therapist.

How can this course help? 

A LIVE 8 wk course of workshops initially developed for girls with low self confidence. A relaxed, kind and inclusive approach. Children can take things at their own speed, it is ok to feel nervous.

These sessions will involve live buddy chats, practical advice, and small groups working things through, all under the guidance of registered Psychotherapist, Occupational therapist and the HOW wellbeing expert Joanna Williams. This will result in your child being armed with the tools to reframe and boost their self confidence to take with them on their journey through life.

  • 8 weeks of sessions including a live parents' call

  • Mondays 5-6pm 

  • LIVE and NOT recorded

  • Small groups. Interactive. Cameras on. 

  • A real commitment to wanting to improve self confidence during this time

  • It is really important that your child wants to engage and improvement their self confidence and is in agreement to work with Jo

  • £157 for 8 weeks of LIVE small group work with Joanna Williams, registered psychotherapist, occupational therapist and HOW wellbeing expert 

  •  Who is this not for?** (see footer)
  • Guarantee: money back if you change your mind within 72 hours of purchase. 
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This is what the parents from the last Self Confidence course said....

Will this 8 week course in building self confidence really help? 

YES! Because, the good news is… confidence is a skill and Joanna Williams is a brilliant therapist, coach and guide.

Joanna has extensive experience and training in Mental Health, having worked in both the NHS and the private sector. The following therapeutic approaches are used to structure Joanna's work:

CBT (Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy)
ACT (a mindfulness based behavioural therapy approach) 
Solution Focused Therapy 

Self confidence is more than a skill. It is a superpower.

You can learn it and improve it just like anything else. 

Every person that you think of as confident in your day to day life has learnt this skill at some point.

No one was born brilliant at the clarinet or amazing at swimming. You work at these things, learn and practice. This is the same for confidence. 

Being confident and having SELF confidence IS a super power.

This super power involves embracing your uniqueness and being YOU.


Co founder Polly Crook knows this only too well


11-14 yrs full payment


  • 8 wk LIVE course 
  • Monday 5-6pm from 13th Sept
  • Small group sessions
  • Parents FB page for support/questions
  • The benefits of live small group sessions with a qualified, experienced therapist without leaving the house
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**This course is not for people who are under treatment for mental health illness or under CAMS. This does not replace current therapist regimens. This is to help, guide and boost teens with low self esteem and low confidence**

**If you are suffering with moderate or severe anxiety or depression, seek help from your GP.**