Are you a doctor or healthcare professional who has stepped outside of the day job to do something different?

Maybe you have a side hustle or a hobby that you would like to make into something more. 

Maybe you have trained as a coach, done a course in lifestyle medicine, acupuncture, yoga or botox and you aren’t sure how to begin to market yourself and
 it all feels too ‘salesy’ for you.

Maybe you have got ideas and plans to develop and grow a side project but don't know where to start beyond having inspirational quotes like this on your fridge.

‘You are not one career’

‘You are not a tree. You are not stuck’

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 13th JUNE Mastermind -  NOW IN PROGRESS

Group mastermind coaching and mentoring sessions

For Medics by Medics with Dr Jo Watkins

12 weeks starting 13th June
Mondays 6-7am

Maximum of 6 healthcare professionals with their own businesses

3 VIP slots for healthcare professionals growing digital businesses for 1:1 work
alongside the mastermind coaching group.

If any of the above rings true to you then, first things first... Congratulations.

It’s a huge and scary step doing something outside of your regular day job when you work in healthcare. Even thinking about it is scary.

Having made the first steps, lots of people are put off by the idea of marketing themselves.

It is alien to doctors and often people tell me it feels a bit too ‘salesy’.

Despite having an incredible skill set that can be redirected into numerous businesses, we’re not naturally good at pitching or selling ourselves.

"As with many people who have entered into the world of business from a different profession, I am in a constant state of learning from around me and that is how I have developed my businesses so far.

Courses, memberships, free downloads, Facebook groups. Everywhere.

My inbox and desktop is awash with business information from the gurus.

There is more information out there than is even possible to absorb.
It can feel overwhelming. 

After years of trying all sorts of things and places to get information I can now say that the key to clarity and success for me has been business communities, peer support and business mentoring/coaching. 

Helping, supporting and sharing information.

The NHS is a tough old world… but running your own business is also not easy.  

Now, more than ever, we need to support each other and work together to grow and develop personally plus there is the ripple effect of us getting our business ideas out there into a world that needs innovators in all sectors.

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What is it about Jo Watkins' experience
that can help me?

Since house officer year, Jo realised that team work, sharing knowledge and skills, time and energy and learning as a group whilst building a mutually supportive community was the best way to live.

She has already been there and got the T-shirt in taking that first daunting step of considering something outside of medicine, and has developed numerous skills, connections, resources in developing several of her own businesses.

Jo was a GP trainer and partner, but stepped away from the traditional and ‘safe’ career path to explore her passions.

She went from making granola for friends and family to setting up an award winning business, Bendylegs Granola which she shelved when she was on the brink of putting it into supermarket chains due to some of the mistakes she made along the way and a growing family. Her family holiday rental, House on a beach in Wales has also won awards and is booked out solidly year on year.

Over the last few years Jo has become a freelance GP and has been developing her latest and greatest passion, The HOW People with her co-founder and great friend, Polly Crook.

Like many GPs, Jo was always frustrated by individual practices having to reinvent the wheel.

She is a huge advocate of sharing knowledge and she has learnt so much about how to navigate the path of developing a second career parallel to medicine that she wants to share what she has learned along the way.

She knows how difficult that first leap appears to be and how many people are put off the idea of marketing themselves.

She knows the common pitfalls.

She knows so many contacts and resources already, and she knows how to find the right answers and identify the unknown unknowns.

She knows how to take the step from the dream and having the inspirational quotes on your fridge, to making it a reality and a successful business.

Jo has huge ambition and belief in having the idea, doing the research and then actually just getting on and trying things.

Being scrappy.
Better done than perfect. 

Numerous friends, and friends of friends have come to Jo for guidance on setting themselves up, and, having supported people in successfully navigating career shifts and setting up new businesses, Jo realised this was a skill she should be sharing.

How can Jo help me with my business start up?

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