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"I left feeling inspired and empowered by all the amazing girls and women who were part of it and can't wait to see what 2020 brings."
-Mikaela Toczek. 
Climber, Adventurer, Writer: HOW Inspire Mumbles 2019

"The confidence you have given the girls, the way you both treat them as important individuals with voices that will be heard and the bonding you encourage between them. This is a tricky age when they are on the cusp of being a teenager as well as discovering who they are. I remember feeling so socially awkward at this age, difficult to know where your place is. I feel that at HOW each week they can ‘just be’. It’s been very special."
HOW Parent: Testimonial 2019

"Priceless!!! You literally cannot put a price on what you both have created for our girls and the fundamentals you have subtly instilled in them."
Bryony: Parent HOW Girls 2019 

The HOW Membership will offer life changing support, coaching, guidance, mentoring, community and so much more for your teen girl 11 - 16 years old. There is something for everyone.. using Zoom we have 3 calls a month and much, much more!  

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