The HOW People are delighted to offer this 90 minute interactive vision boarding workshop for a small group (up to 15 total) of girls.

There are two different ages groups 

1st July Wed 6.30pm for 10-12 year olds 

8th July Wed 6.30pm for 13-16 year olds 

The workshop will be really interactive focusing on developing confidence, with discussions about the sort of language we use with ourselves and others. How we can support ourselves and others, and the sort of words we associate with resilience, strength and patience. The girls will work with writing descriptive words, and embellish with imagery to support it.

Let creativity flow, and subconsciously build confidence, understanding, self care and positivity through this guided vision boarding session.

Interactive discussion

Guided vision boarding

Developing confidence

Working together

Supporting others 

Self care and suppport

The workshop is designed and delivered by not only a great supporter and friend of The HOW People, but the all round utterly lovely human being that is Joanna Williams.

Jo is a Health Care Profession Council Registered Occupational Therapist, Skilled and Registered Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 20 years experience in Health, Well-being and Therapy Services.

Wed 1st July 6.30pm.

10-12 year old girls 



Wed 8th July 6.30pm

13-16 year old girls