Every week we ask the same question of the brilliant speakers and guests who come on our membership calls.


Women from TV, medicine, law, retail, sport, design and journalism.
Mums, aunties, daughters, sisters, cousins, friends, partners and friends.


What advice would you give
your teenage self?

Real women with real, honest advice. 
What would you say to your teenage self? 

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**Warning** There is a very high chance that by watching this video your teenager will come away feeling...
Excited about the future 
**we can take absolutely no responsibility for these changes. They usually last longer than 48 hours and when re exposed to content from The HOW People are commonly seen to have chronic long lasting effects which can reappear at any time.
We see the same alarming side effects with all products from The HOW People and sadly these symptoms are usually transmitted to any parents in attendance too**

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Who are we and HOW can we help? 

Dr Jo Watkins is a medial doctor and a mum of 4. She has a 14 year old girl and a 12 year old boy along with 2 younger children. She has seen them both  through the transition to secondary school, through friendship challenges and helped them with their first phone and social media use. 

Polly Crook has two younger children herself and is a mentor to many tweens and teens. She is brilliantly in tune with how they tick.

As founders of a platform offering courses, workshops and an inspiring, supportive digital membership for teen girls, Polly and Jo work with many girls of this age and have helped many over this hurdle.

Sessions are delivered in a fun, laid back yet informative way that is at the right level for this age:

These are some quotes from teachers on our pilot workshop:

"The workshop was delivered brilliantly for the age group, not patronising and not preaching, the children were all engaged and enjoyed it" 

"It was excellent and at a level they could relate to, even as a 31 year old male teacher it was extremely useful"

"This is such a great resource"

"Brilliant, thank you so much"