Every week we ask the same question of the brilliant speakers and guests who come on our membership calls.

'What advice would you give your teenage self?'

Here is a sneak peak of some of the incredible answers we have had over the past year.

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La-Chun Lindsay 

La-Chun Lindsay gets a slot all of her own. We have a mantra in HOW HQ of 'Just send the email' - you have nothing to loose. La Chun is a powerhouse of a human being. Co founder Jo heard her speak on a Women in Business webinar and reached out to see if she would consider coming to inspire the girls on our membership. La Chun is an American aerospace engineer who was the Managing Director of Wales' largest industrial company, GE Aviation Wales.

She was the first woman to hold this position and she campaigned for LGBT rights in Wales. She is now Director of Infrastructure Operations at Amazon Web Services in the US and the biggest Welsh rugby fan in America! The girls. parents and founders were all blown away by everything she said.
A session none of us will forget in a hurry! 


Women from TV, medicine, law, retail, sport, design and journalism. Mums, aunties, daughters, sisters, cousins, friends, partners and friends.

Real women with real, honest advice. 
What would you say to your teenage self? 

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