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What do you get when you bring role models, mentors, coaching, life skills, learning, community and fun into a safe online space?

The HOW People is run by great friends, and now business partners, Jo and Polly.
Dr Jo Watkins is a GP, life coach and mum of 4 including two teenagers. Polly Crook is a Teen Mentor, mum of 2, charity sector worker and Volunteer Coastguard. Together they encourage Happiness, give and take Opportunities and promote good physical and mental Wellbeing for themselves, the teens they work with and the parents of those teens...
Happiness. Opportunities. Wellbeing.
These are the values and building blocks of The HOW People.

Along with their brilliant team and teen mentors, they run courses, workshops, events, mentoring and their signature digital communities for individuals and schools. 

Inspiring the next generation of awesome humans.

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Dr Jo Watkins 

GP, Mum of 4, Homeschooler, Traveller

"We are born facilitators and connectors. Making things happen and putting the right people together. Giving girls of different generations role models and mentors within different fields. What unites us both in our very different careers is that it was human connections and conversations, often chance ones, and taking opportunities that made, and continue to make, a difference. The education system is putting our kids in boxes earlier and earlier and often young people just haven’t been exposed to or heard about all the options and paths in life."

Jo continues to work as a freelance GP and home educates one of her 4 children. She is starting to coach and mentor other doctors and healthcare professionals entering into the business world with her 'Start Up' business coaching.
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Polly Crook

A career in action sports, Mum of 2, Beach lover

"The HOW People was born to build confidence. To inspire, support and connect. Showing teenagers that life doesn't begin and end with GCSE’s. To empower the next generation of awesome females.  My parents' mantra when my brothers and I were growing up was 'Give them roots, and give them wings'. The understanding that anything is possible when we put our minds to it, to have belief in ourselves and in our goals, and never let anyone put you in a box. Burn the box! Be who you are, be kind, and support each other, the rest will come."

Polly has two young children and works for a Sports Charity. Prior to this she worked for over a decade in a global sports brand. She has a huge passion and talent for design and her skills with spreadsheets are mindblowing!

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