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Girls 11-16. Weekly digital community
Three free sessions to see what we do
Course (PSHE) for Year 6 pupils
Self Confidence Course 11-13 year olds
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Join the 'Five steps to wellbeing wisdom workshop' from The HOW People. 

This is for Year 6 pupils up and down the country to join us for some festive fun. Home educated children and individuals aged 10+ years are welcome to join!

LIVE at 10am on Friday 3rd December (recorded for catch up for all those registered)

Educational and fun. Covering subjects including worry, confidence, sleep and nutrition.

"The HOW People are encouraging positive habits as early as possible to improve the wellbeing of our children as they grow into teenagers"

"Developing a tool box of life skills for young people"


Black Friday Weekend Special

For the next week we are reopening our HOW Inspire to new members for a 6 month membership for only £147. 

'This is exactly what young girls need right now'

'A weekly digital hug'


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Session 1

Niki Pilkington illustrator, designer  and lover of all things neon

Session 2
Jo Williams psychotherapist chatting about 'Being YOU. Easy to say but HOW do you do it'

Session 3
Co founders plus PSHE teacher and mentor Emma Clift featuring an interview with the brilliant parenting and teen coach, Phinnah Chichi

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Dr Jo Watkins 

GP, Mum of 4, Homeschooler, Traveller

"We are born facilitators and connectors. Making things happen and putting the right people together. Giving girls of different generations role models and mentors within different fields. What unites us both in our very different careers is that it was human connections and conversations, often chance ones, and taking opportunities that made, and continue to make, a difference. The education system is putting our kids in boxes earlier and earlier and often young people just haven’t been exposed to or heard about all the options and paths in life"


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Polly Crook

A career in action sports, Mum of 2, Beach lover

"The HOW People was born to build confidence. To inspire, support and connect. Showing teenagers that life doesn't begin and end with GCSE’s. To empower the next generation of awesome females.  My parent's mantra when my brothers and I were growing up was 'Give them roots, and give them wings'. The understanding that anything is possible when we put our minds to it, to have belief in ourselves and in our goals, and never let anyone put you in a box. Burn the box! Be who you are, be kind, and support each other, the rest will come."

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