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   Happiness | Opportunities | Wellbeing 

Inspiring the next generation of awesome females. 

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A little black book of independent businesses. 

from The HOW People 

**An evolving list of makers, creatives and businesses from Wales and all over the UK**

The reality of shopping in 2020, lock down, a pandemic, busy lives and convenience also takes us to online shopping. This Christmas try and think about whether you can buy and support an independent business in person, or online run by an individual or a family who will be do a little happy dance when your order drops in their inbox. It might take a few more days to arrive but they'll be doing a #HOWhappydance and it will make a real difference. LINK HERE

Shop Local. Shop Independent. Shop Small. 

**Join us for a HOW Inspire Entrepreneur special next Thursday 26th 7pm. Be inspired by others. Aimed for teen girls but suitable for all. Sign up for newsletter for more details. Will be LIVE on Facebook @thehowpeople**

PERIOD WEEK SPECIAL is now over BUT... you can still sign up for ALL the recordings. This is an off the shelf, ditch the taboos look at periods. 

The Menopause. Periods in sport and adventure. Plastic free periods. Period poverty. Starting your periods.
We will also be sharing these recordings with our charity partner Valleys Kids so others can learn and benefit from these expert interviews. 

Follow your own path. Be unique. Be happy being you.

The HOW People: founded by Dr Jo Watkins and Polly Crook supported by head coach Amanda Morgan Thomas and a team of experts, coaches and mentors. 

The HOW People offer live and digital events, workshops and courses along with their signature membership platform HOW Girls for 11-16 year old girls. 


The HOW Membership 

A global, digital coaching community for girls aged 11-16 years.  Zoom Breakout rooms used for different age groups. 

Content built on the pillars of HOW. Happiness. Opportunities. Wellbeing. 



I am incredibly impressed with what Jo and Polly have managed to create with How People digital membership in such a short time.

Mentoring young women to dream, to act and to connect with others are essential elements to building strong women of the future. I enrolled my daughter in The How People digital membership hoping that her confidence would improve. It seems to be working!

She has benefited from inspiring speakers and practical workshops on many different topics: from personality types, creating a purposeful vision board, to becoming more social media savvy.

She has consistently been introduced to energetic, successful, and authentic female role models, (entrepreneurs, scientists, interior designers, environmentalists) and for that I am so grateful!

Jo and Polly honour parent involvement with timely communication and are appreciative of parent feedback.  The How People’s mission is to “Encourage happiness. Take opportunities. Look after your wellbeing” -and that is exactly what I want for my daughter. Thank you, How People!

Laurene Head, proud mom of a 16 yr old How People founding member. Calgary, Canada

HOW Inspire


26th November 7pm LINK HERE

Two small business entrepreneurs chatting about all things business and their journeys so far. 


HOW Adventure

At home, in South Wales, UK, we have created a tribe of girls with a passion for the waves, the rocks, the hills and new adventures.

All welcome 10-16 yrs old.


Dr Jo Watkins 

GP, Mum of 4, Homeschooler, Traveller

"We are born facilitators and connectors. Making things happen and putting the right people together. Giving girls of different generations role models and mentors within different fields. What unites us both in our very different careers is that it was human connections and conversations, often chance ones, and taking opportunities that made, and continue to make, a difference. The education system is putting our kids in boxes earlier and earlier and often young people just haven’t been exposed to or heard about all the options and paths in life"


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Polly Crook

A career in action sports, Mum of 2, Beach lover

"The HOW People was born to build confidence. To inspire, support and connect. Showing teenagers that life doesn't begin and end with GCSE’s. To empower the next generation of awesome females.  My parent's mantra when my brothers and I were growing up was 'Give them roots, and give them wings'. The understanding that anything is possible when we put our minds to it, to have belief in ourselves and in our goals, and never let anyone put you in a box. Burn the box! Be who you are, be kind, and support each other, the rest will come."

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Amanda Morgan Thomas 


Amanda works super hard with us in the shadows at The HOW People. She is a business mentor, our Head coach and general straight talker. 

Her background in delivering international coaching solutions has been gained over multiple industries. She’s by now totally ancient, has had white hair since she was 17 and yet still enjoys a decent cocktail and a late-night kitchen boogie.  She is an absolutely key piece to the rolling of the HOW cog and we love her for it! 

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