Are you looking for something a little bit different to keep the family entertained while also helping all of you with your wellbeing?

Why? Being kind to others is a win win. It has been scientifically proven. They feel better and we feel better. It is cheap, often free, fun and if we were all kinder then the world would be a better place.  

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Who are The HOW People?

Our mission is to support young people, particularly young teenage girls, to navigate their early teen years. Placing role models, life skills and good mental health at the core of all we do to help them thrive.

Our unique, online communities offer support and connection for girls in a safe non-judgemental space with role models and teen mentors. 

Co founders are Jo and Polly. Jo is a GP, life coach and mum of 4 including 2 teenagers so sees the issues with confidence, anxiety and mental health along with the need for role models who aren't parents and aren't teachers first hand. Polly is a Mum of two, and a teen mentor who brings together her skills in leadership, building inclusive communities and interactive presentations with infectious enthusiasm.

Alongside their digital community for teenage girls they deliver assemblies, workshops and a full programme of sessions into Year 6 classrooms with their team including Emma Clift who is brilliant Year 7 tutor and PSHE teacher in secondary schools and Jo Williams is a psychotherapist with years of experience working with teenagers.

Do drop us an email for anymore information [email protected]