2019 in review

thehowpeople Feb 03, 2020

This time last year (2/2/19) we were at the 'sitting around a kitchen table and brainstorming' stage of business.

Lots of coffee and lots of post it notes.

We are lucky enough to have some brilliant business  and creative minds around us who happily gave us a bit of time for a chat to help us come up with a plan. Not everyone was convinced. There was a lot we wanted to do. What are we? What are we offering peoeple? What is the priority? Lots to think about and lots to tweak. 

All good start ups take an element of planning but also an element of just doing, maybe before it is all perfectly planned out but without doing you never know. 

'Better done than perfect' 

So we did some doing. Now we are hurling ourselves into 2020 for some bigger and better doing and delivering. Join us on our journey! 

2019 Pilot year in Mumbles: 

HOW Girls 6 wk course (Year 5/6)

HOW Epic Adventure Days (Year 7)

HOW Fundraiser Film Night

HOW Inspire Mumbles #likeTEDtalksforTeens (aged 10-16)

HOW Surf (Open Days and Rippers/Outbacks sessions)


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