How to help anxiety in teens?

HOW can routines help anxiety in our teens?

As adults we make a lot of decisions every day.

Decision fatigue has been present for so many of us over the last few years. Even the simplest of things took a whole series of decisions during the pandemic.

We are not the only ones making decisions.
Teens have lots of decisions to make everyday too.

Smaller decisions like:

What to wear
What to eat
Whether to have a shower in the morning or later
Which piece of homework to finish first
Which messages to reply to first

And bigger decisions:

What options to take
How to revise for a test
Whether or not to go to a party
Who to meet up with on the weekend

Too many decisions to make = an increase in anxiety

Reducing the number of smaller decisions you make leads to being calmer and less stressed giving you time to focus on the other tasks.

One trick for our teens is to have some "certainty anchors” built into your day.

These are things that make parts of our day solid, anchored and unchanged. Taking time away from the need for a decision can, in turn, reduce anxiety. 

Encouraging our teens to routinise their morning and evening can offer a sense of calm and control that will in turn reduce anxiety.

Deciding what you are going to wear, maybe even what you are going to have for breakfast. 

These little changes will reap the rewards for the rest of the day.

Not rushing out of the door while grabbing a piece of half buttered toast. 

Reducing the number of decisions that you are making at one time will reduce your anxiety.

It makes sense. 

Try it. 

Nothing to lose. 

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