Highs. Lows. Funnies.

Highs. Lows. Funnies.

Every week on our membership we talk about our highs, lows and funnies. Those moments, big or small, during the week that we reflect on and share with others.

2021 has been a full of lots of examples but today got me thinking about what have been the highs, lows and funnies for us both in business #thehowpeople #cofounders

High: presenting into school classrooms up and down the country with the brilliant Emma Clift at the helm. Live Friday lessons to schools up and down the country plus 3 free workshops including a Christmas special to 300 year 6 classrooms at the same time. Loved them and can’t wait to continue in 2022

Low: losing Scully, the very lovely old family dog who was as loved a regular resident at Crook HQ and regularly hugged and often ridden like a horse by all of our kids.

Funny: a very funny and spontaneous game of London bingo on bikes when we should’ve been networking before our first big awards ceremony in London which was another big high.

If you haven’t played it you should. Selfies at the below locations or any others of your choice #Londonbingo

  1. Buckingham Palace
  2. Downing Street
  3. Harrods
  4. Trafalgar Square
  5. A soldier on horseback
  6. Big Ben
  7. A bridge over the Thames
  8. Westminster Abbey
  9. A Beefeater
  10. A selfie with a London cabbie

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