It is ok to not be ok

It has been a long month at the end of a very long year.

The curved ball thrown at many of us this weekend has been a tough one to take and so many people are left disappointed.

It is tough to stay positive, it is hard to remain resilient.

Surely, this whole experience will make us more capable as a human race of dealing with things that are thrown at us in the future. I was looking at our blog, to get things up and running with more regular content in 2021, and came across a post I wrote while in Canada on 2nd April before returning to the UK.

Everything written on that day remains in place today.

The feelings, the advice, the uncertainty. We have been living with this for 9 months now and even though so many of us feel very lucky to have steady jobs, a roof over our heads, a garden, loving families and food on the table when so many people around us are really struggling it is still hard for each and everyone of us in different ways.

So, be kind on yourself and others this week. It is ok to not feel ok

This was the advice on the blog from the 2nd April in response to the recently enforced lockdown in the UK

  • Never before have the skills of creativity, resilience and entrepreneurship been more important
  • It is time to go back to basics for a while (except with the luxury of google and wifi…) 
  • Shop for essentials only. Locally ideally
  • Support those businesses and people around you
  • Is there anything you can do to help them?
  • Look out for the elderly, vulnerable and those who live alone
  • Make phone calls and Face Time people
  • Spend time with your family in a way that in this busy world we never do

Take care.

Jo and Polly

PS. The full blog post can be read LINK HERE 

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