Same boat. Different storm.

These are crazy times indeed. There is no denying that. 

Everyone is experiencing this differently too. 

As we keep being told we are all in the same boat but, as I read recently, we are all facing different storms. 

For some, this storm involves a bit of drizzle and a light wind.

Force 2* maybe rising to Force 4*.

Time potentially to have a bit of a break from the hustle and bustle of normal life. No school runs, no clubs, activities, birthday parties, weekends away, packing a social life with family and friends into a weekend. This is time to switch off, slow down, reconnect with their kids and make sure the internet shopping gets booked in on time. People working from home and trying to juggle the home schooling, which is in no way an easy task, but also taking time out for the simple pleasures in life and look forward to the return of some level of normality at some point in the future. 

For others it involves anything from Force 7/8* gales to Force 12* hurricanes.

Front line hospital workers, GP’s and surgery staff, community workers and carers who are all risking a much higher chance of becoming infected and often working in incredibly challenging conditions. Those who have lost livelihoods, loved and nurtured businesses and have had to let good staff go. 

New mothers that are feeling cut off. Single parents who are trying to juggle everything on their own. Those working in child protection and those families or couples who were not living harmoniously, for whatever reason, before the lockdown and who now have no support or escape from the difficulties they experience. 

That is without even mentioning those who fall unwell with lengthy hospital admissions and those that have loved ones who lose their lives. 

Lives are being turned upside down by this. 

We can’t and we shouldn’t judge each other on our varying reactions to this situation. We can only support each other as much as we, be aware of these differences, be grateful for the small things and be positive about the future and the things that we feel will be better about life on the other side of this storm. 

Teenagers are in a pretty big gale. 

Their lives have been turned upside down completely. 

No school, no friends, no social life, no summer to plan and potentially fewer jobs and work experience out there for them too. 

Through their entire secondary school education they have been told repeatedly that their exams are THE most important thing and that everything is building towards their GCSE’s and A levels and then suddenly…


Just like that. 

Before this all happened we were already working on our HOW online offerings. 

We know we want to deliver courses and mentoring online: reaching and helping girls far and wide and have lots of ideas and plans as to how to do it. We want to bridge the gap between traditional education and real life. Linking girls to mentors and role models and giving real life skills and support. Maybe this has never been more relevant given the current storm. 

The online space has exploded with information and courses in the last 2 wks. We have used online education for schooling for years but now there is an overwhelming amount of information for kids, teens and adults and we don’t want to rush into it. 

We are planning, growing, learning and adapting. We would love to hear your thoughts. 

How are your teens feeling? What are they missing? How could we help plug the gap? 

Meanwhile. Let’s continue to support each other and weather this storm together. Whatever the scale or whatever form it is taking for you. 

Jo and Polly

*The Beaufort Wind Force Scale 

Print available from Salty Seas


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