What's with the funny face?

2 years ago today co-founder Dr Jo Watkins did her first ever live zoom/interview and about home schooling during lockdown.

This involved pulling a ridiculous face, itching her cheek, saying ‘Ummmm’ a lot and failing to remember to brush her hair… not much has changed then.

This was nothing to do with HOW but Jo was getting asked a lot about education at the beginning of the pandemic having home schooled her own kids for a period of time

At that time, in terms of HOW, we had

- Cancelled all our live events and surf sessions with Gwen Spurlock
- Had no functioning website
- Software that we couldn’t navigate confidently
- No course
- No membership
- No online presence to speak of
- We had not interviewed any speakers
- We had not done any live sessions with the girls
- We had not done any collaborations other than surf locally and one talks night

Our current business model was not even thought up yet.

It would be great to quantify what we’ve done since.

Building your own thing is incredibly satisfying and just brilliant but it’s not an overnight thing. We are two years into a long journey. 

We’ve done many things that haven’t worked as we wanted.

We’ve tweaked, changed, dropped and developed ideas.

Always learning, listening and adapting.

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried but together we’ve created something we are so proud of and has had a big impact on those we’ve helped so far.

Now it’s time to set our own personal boundaries to keep growing and helping people but looking after ourselves and our families too.

Anyone who runs their own business knows what a juggle this is…

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