What do pink dolphins and suitcases have in common?

This a story about someone wonderful, doing something totally spontaneously that will change their world forever and enhance so many other people’s really tough worlds in the process.

Tomorrow, on HOW Inspire membership call, we were booked to have a session with one of our great friends and GP coaches Dr Kathy Morton chatting about periods, PMT, the ins and the outs and how we manage them but she messaged to say she wasn’t going to be able to make it last week.

She was on her way to Poland to see if she could help with the awful situation unfolding on the border with Ukraine.

This was not in the game plan for her last Monday. She was watching everything unfold as we all are, feeling helpless and desperate to do something.

The stories about Kathy, or ‘Our Kathy’ as she is called by so many other people’s children, are too many to tell but essentially, she is one of the kindest, most selfless, honest, humble, loving, empathetic, generous and funny people we are honoured to call a friend. She has made an impact and touched every human she has met professionally and personally without even realising it.

Last Tuesday one of our other medical friends posted about two of her London medics colleagues, Medical Aid Ukraine, taking supplies to the Polish border leaving the following day.

With a few emails, phone calls and chucking things in a bag Kathy was on the next train to join them. Not sure what she was going to do or how to help, but just knowing she had to be there and this was a safe way to do it.

Here she is in the photograph with a Ukranian family she met yesterday.

She helped them get their life possessions from the plastic bags they had used to flee their homes into cheap suitcases she’d bought for them at the station. She played with the child, bought her a pink dolphin and a colouring book, made them laugh, I am sure, with her limited sign language and gave them food, phone chargers and essentials to make the next part of their journey more bearable.

She helped them with the life changing decision about which bus to get on to and which European country to start their future life and helped them decide that Denmark would be a good choice before seeing them off.

Imagine that for one minute.

Arriving at a train station with all your possessions in a plastic bag and letting a complete stranger help you decide which country to travel to, to start up your new life. Just three weeks ago these people were working, going to school and leading normal lives.

Millions of people are in the same position.

Kathy is working with another amazing woman called Nadya who is a Ukranian pharmacist, British citizen living in Singapore who has also gone there to help. Between them, and many other amazing people who are there, they are working together, making a difference and directly helping so many of the families in desperate need of support, direction and basic needs.

Her stories are incredible, heart warming and distressing.

She is being a kind, open, helpful and supportive face.

She is playing peek a boo with the kids, buying suitcases, colouring books, food, supplies, spidermen toys and pink dolphins.

She is making a huge difference to the wellbeing of these poor people.

So tomorrow we have a change of plan but we will be talking to the girls about what Kathy is doing, why she is going it and how it is helping.

They will be blown away and incredibly proud.

Over the next few weeks we are looking at fundraising and encouraging our community to do the same. They will be able to see exactly how any money they are able to generate over the next few weeks will be spent.

Role modelling at its very best for our young people. Kindness in bucket loads. 

The link is in our bio to Nadya’s fundraising page which is buying supplies for those arriving at the border and anything that remains will be given to the Red Cross and Ukrainian orphanages.

Our Kathy. You are a legend.
Living your purpose and some.
Being kind.
Being ridiculous and making people smile in the face of adversity.
We are all very proud of you.

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