Schools: we help you prepare your Year 6 pupils for the fast, evolving, digital world that lies ahead

The Know HOW is a comprehensive programme of modules for Year 6 students that helps develop their health and wellbeing, relationships and how they deal with the wider world.

Offering exciting, new content for Year 6 teachers under these areas of the National Curriculum: Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) subjects, health and wellbeing plus digital competence, social media and broader life skills.

These online modules will be delivered by a GP, Dr Jo Watkins who is co-founder of The HOW People, a psychotherapist Joanna Williams, teen mentor and co-founder, Polly Crook and experienced Year 7 tutor, Emma Clift.  

This programme will be delivered LIVE to schools across the UK on Zoom and Teams.

This programme offers a wealth of content to help develop healthy, confident individuals who are ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society. 

Why is this so important? 

⚡ Are we really doing all we can to prepare our pupils for the fast moving world they are entering? 
⚡ Could we be teaching these important life skills in a different, more engaging way? 

The statistics around the rise in anxiety, stress and mental health problems in our young people were staggering even before the pandemic was thrown in.
We need to better prepare our children for a new, evolving, digital world with its challenges for our young people. Building confidence, teaching life skills and covering the important elements for the transition to secondary school.

Everything is very different from the world our teachers and educators were born into, however
The HOW People are here to help!
Everything is so quick to change. The ways we communicate, learn and work.
The world is evolving.

Our children need us to connect the knowledge, show them how to adapt to these changes and apply it to the new world we live in.
Creating informed, curious, creative, confident, enterprising, socially and environmentally responsible young people of the future. 

What does the programme look like? 

The Know HOW Programme consists of three modules live streamed into classrooms throughout the academic year with additional teaching resources. You can also access these sessions on playback to fit into your school week.

1. Health and wellbeing
October 15th - Christmas holidays

2. Relationships
February 4th - Easter holidays

3. Living in the wider world
May 6th - Summer holidays

Who are The HOW People? 



Please email [email protected] and we can jump on a phone call anytime if you are interested in joining.

*30 day money back guarantee. If you aren't happy with what we provide for your classrooms we will refund you, no questions asked*

⚡  The Know HOW Programme will ONLY be offered to children in Year 6 over 2021/2022 

Module 1: Health and wellbeing
October 15th - Christmas holidays

Module 2: Relationships
February 4th - Easter holidays

Module 3: Living in the wider world
May 6th - Summer holidays

These modules will
 cover a broad range of PSHE framework topics around health, wellbeing and digital competence.

Sessions include friendships, relationships, body confidence, digital wellbeing, environmental issues, nutrition, sleep, exercise, positivity, goal setting and entrepreneurship. 

This course has been created by a GP, psychologist and experienced Year 7 and PSHE Tutor alongside other teen mentors and experts.
By delivering these modules to Year 6, we ensure that we are encouraging positive habits as early as possible to improve their wellbeing as they become teenagers.
This programme is built around a proactive approach rather than us just reacting to a specific problem developing further down the line such as low self esteem, friendship issues and body image issues. Developing a tool box of life skills. 
Each pupil from schools on the annual programme will graduate during a special online ceremony on the 4th July with a certificate to show that they have gained The Know HOW to embrace their real selves, thrive in any situation and move forward confidently and independently into the next stage of their lives. 
 If you are a parent, a local business or a charity and would like to gift this opportunity to your local school, please get in touch with your school and share this information. If you have any questions then drop us an email [email protected] and we can arrange a chat on the phone if you prefer.

What do the teachers think?

What do others say about
The HOW People?

Kate Toon
Award-winning misfit entrepreneur who works globally with small businesses and big brands on their online presence

'I am really excited about your business guys. You are doing great things. We need your membership for boys too, quickly, so it is brilliant you. are taking this into schools in the UK'

Amanda Morgan Thomas 
Business mentor, coach and parent of 1 girl and 2 teenage boys

"Looking back at my time transitioning to high school - I was lost. A careers teacher got us to take a quiz. I was fire'man' or career advisor. Possibly newsreader. And then I was sent packing. Luckily for me my family introduced me to work (Saturday jobs) at the age of 13 and were always taking me out to meet their pals (what, again, boring!) so I developed a good idea of what grown ups 'did'. However...if The HOW People had been in my life - I think I would have been braver. Full stop.  

I've seen kids on the HOW Inspire programme have a genuine light bulb moment when they listen to role models from soil scientists and sport professionals, vets to entomologists.

Widening our social connections to broaden our view of the world is critical. We all know this. At a time when many of our wings have been clipped by a global pandemic and central education budgets are squeezed tighter and tighter too.  

Teenage life is still as loaded with questions, hormones, emotions and dilemmas as it was all those years ago. But then multiply all that by TECH. 

HOW Inspire bridges the gap of what a school curriculum CAN teach and what all kids NEED exposure to and support with."

Jess Childs Probert
Children's author and founder of 'Big issues for little people'

"I don't know a woman alive who didn't find the journey from childhood to womanhood a challenge in some way or another, and the insecure teenager in me definitely wishes The HOW People were around in my day. 

In a world where social media dominates and real life role models can be thin on the ground, The HOW People programmes offer a tangible way we can try and to stay true to our kids in the trickiest of times.

These are the skills and experiences we should absolutely be sharing and hearing about in schools and across youth culture today."

Trudy Goldsack
Director of Esantee Ltd and parent of two teenage girls

"My daughters have both benefited hugely from their involvement with the HOW Inspire membership. 

The calls are delivered with such warmth and kindness and I truly feel that the girls can't help feeling inspired and motivated to do and be things that maybe they hadn't really thought about before.

I am passionate about the happiness and wellbeing of children and keen to open the door to new opportunities for them all, so I am delighted to hear they are opening up to schools. Giving opportunities that I simply didn't have when I was a teenager. The HOW People are a perfect fit for that and long may they continue to grow and provide such massively important tools for schools, tweens, teenagers and their parents. The HOW People - you rock!"

⚡ Register your Year 6 now for early bird pricing. Buy Module 1,2 or 3 OR make a saving by purchasing ALL three 

The first 20 schools that sign up will have this price fixed annually. 

⚡ The first module starts on Friday 15th October with content available for 10 weeks 

The first module from The HOW People is the Health and Wellbeing section of an annual programme. This is delivered LIVE via Zoom/Teams on Friday mornings 10-10.45am from 15th October. This content is then uploaded to a private platform for use anytime within your school week and will be available for 10 weeks until the Christmas holidays. PDF/worksheets/learning materials will be uploaded to support and extend the work discussed during that time frame.

If you have any questions drop us an email [email protected]