#likeTEDtalksforteens with La Chun Lindsay

La-Chun Lindsay is an American aerospace engineer who was the Managing Director of Wales' largest industrial company, GE Aviation Wales. She was the first woman to hold this position and she campaigned for LGBT rights in Wales. She is now Director of Infrastructure Operations at Amazon Web Services in the US and the biggest Welsh rugby fan in America! 

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 What exactly is this?

Well. It is a bit like a TED talk... for teens


**Warning** There is a very high chance that your teenager will come away from this session

  • Inspired 
  • Empowered 
  • Excited about the future 

**we can take absolutely no responsibility for these changes. They usually last longer than 48 hours and are commonly seen to have a long lasting effect. Sadly, we see the same alarming side effects with all products from The HOW People**

These sessions are informal and fun. Absolutely NO pressure to be involved. Cameras  off if you prefer. There is the opportunity to ask questions of our speakers in the chat box. 

  • Sit with your teen and watch it together. Parents often get as much from it as the teens
  • Open your mind to opportunities and come and be inspired
  • Do something different.

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