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What will they encounter?

Does it keep you up at night thinking of all the pitfalls your child may encounter along the way?

Are you worried?

Find yourself worrying about your child going from year 6 to year 7?

Your baby is growing up, how does time go so fast! 

⚡ You know your child needs to build up a support network

⚡ You know they need to have people other than yourself to talk to

⚡ You know they will do best by learning from others who have gone before them

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NEW online course to prepare yourself and your child with the tools you BOTH need to thrive

This course of 5 x 45 minute sessions will set them up for the best school years of their lives!

ONLY £9 
including donation to
The Maiden Factor: supporting teen girls remaining in education

Does your child need to hear a different voice helping with tips and advice?

Not a teacher.
Not a parent.

We have just the answer for you.

Do you want to give you both the best possible start to Year 7 with information and support from several experts including a GP, a psychotherapist, teen mentors and an experienced Year 7 tutor?

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Who we are and HOW we help

Dr Jo Watkins is a GP and a mum of 4. She has a 14 year old girl and a 12 year old boy along with two younger children. She has supported them both through the transition to secondary school, through friendship challenges and helped them with their first phone and social media use. 

Polly Crook has two younger children herself and is a mentor to many tweens and teens. She is brilliantly in tune with how they tick.

As founders of a platform offering courses, workshops and an inspiring, supportive digital membership for teen girls, Polly and Jo work with many girls of this age and have helped many over this hurdle.

Sessions are delivered in a fun, laid-back yet informative way that is at the right level for this age:


"It was excellent and at a level they could relate to, even as a 31 year old male teacher it was extremely useful"

"This is such a great resource"

"The workshop was delivered brilliantly for the age group, not patronising and not preaching, the children were all engaged and enjoyed it"

"Brilliant, thank you so much"

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This course is recorded and sent to your inbox to watch all sessions with the click of a button after 24th August.

What is included in the course?

  1. Dealing with new and old friendships £9
    Monday 16th August 7pm
    LIVE session on Zoom: Dr Jo Watkins and Polly Crook 
  2. How to manage the nerves £9
    Joanna Williams, Psychotherapist, Dr Jo Watkins and Polly Crook
  3. Parents of year 7 girls: What to expect £9
    Emma Clift Year 7 Tutor and PSHE Teacher, Dr Jo Watkins and Polly Crook
  4. Smartphone habits £9
    Dr Jo Watkins and Polly Crook
  5. Social media smart £9
    Dr Jo Watkins and Polly Crook 


Purchase before Monday 6th September for ONLY £9 for the FULL course. After this the price will go up to £45. 

20% donated to Flo Tovey, a local 12 year old girl who is sailing solo from Mumbles to Ilfracombe in September to raise money for The Maiden Factor, a charity supporting and empowering teenage girls to remain in education. 

Last chance ONLY £9!