The HOW People co founders Dr Jo Watkins and Polly Crook host panel and expert chats about ALL the important topics around our periods. Open conversations. Frank discussions.
Ditching the taboos. 5 hours of content.
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Discussions including:

  • Starting your Periods
  • The Menopause
  • Periods in Adventure
  • Period Poverty
  • Periods in Sport
  • Plastic Free Periods

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Jo and Polly 

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Take home messages about your periods

  • Periods are a normal and wonderful bodily process that ultimately happens to enable us as women to have children 
  • Periods are not dirty, smelly and should not be hidden
  • Our speakers have all gained a different relationship with their periods that is a positive one
  • Period Pants and Menstrual cups ROCK
  • Never flush any period products down the loo
  • Always rinse your stained clothes or bedding in COLD WATER not hot
  • Use your school sweatshirt tied around your waist if you have some leakage at school
  • Talk to your mum, sister, parents, friends. Periods should be TALKED ABOUT
  • We need to try and embrace the menopause once our periods are coming to an end and see it as the start of a new chapter
  • Hormones in a house with menopausal mum and teens are pretty tricky.
  • Be kind to yourselves and each other

Thank you for joining us and hope something has helped.

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