August: Watch. Follow. Read. Do. Buy.

Swimming in it, exploring it and, most of all, protecting it.
So, with National Marine Week at the beginning of August and so many of you hopefully enjoying everything the coast has to offer this summer, our WFRDB this month celebrates one of the most important elements on our planet. 


There is something incredibly healing about spending time in the sea and Jamaican surfer Imani Wilmot uses surfing as a way to transform the tough lives of the women around her by helping them to avoid a life of violence and crime. Surf Girl Jamaica highlights her aim to develop self-motivation, a sense of community and respect for the environment whilst also inspiring girls of colour from all over the world to see that they have a place in the surf industry. This film (directed by the brilliant Joya and Lucy from The Right to Roam centres on the first all-female surfing competition in Jamaica. 



Keep up to date on everything that the Marine Conservation Society is doing to help protect the oceans including their annual Great British Beach Clean in September. Not only does their Instagram account provide important information about how we can protect our oceans but also lots of fun sea life facts. Did you know that seaweed has been around for longer than the dinosaurs?! Who knew!


Seaful is a UK charity set up to help more people reconnect to waterways and the ocean for their mental health benefits. Founded by Cal Major, a vet, an ocean advocate and a world record breaking paddle boarder who has just finished another record breaking paddleboard of 1200km around Scotland's wild coastline! The Seaful website highlights the incredibly important work this charity is undertaking across the UK.

"One in five children in the UK has never been to the ocean – we hope to change that. We know that being in nature, particularly around water, is beneficial for mental health, and we know that connecting to a place will make us more likely to protect it. Our sessions offer immersive, Seaful experiences to those who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity, and help empower beneficiaries to become ocean advocates in their own communities" 


While you are spending some well deserved time on the beach this summer, why not have a go at some of the family-friendly activities suggested on these websites?

Explore, discover and be amazed by what you find on our very own shores - and always remember to take all of your litter away with you!

Not going to the beach? So much marine litter is washed down the water system, having started on land. You could clean your park or local green space. Rivers lead to the ocean so go on an appropriate-for-all-ages litter pick by your local river and stop that pesky plastic from reaching our beautiful seas! 


Reef Safe Sunscreen

Did you know that some of the chemicals in our sunscreen are harmful to aquatic life particularly coral reefs?

Watch out for ingredients such as oxybenzone and octinoxate when you are out buying your supplies for your summer getaway as they are known to affect coral reproduction and cause coral bleaching.

This article highlights La Roche-Posay one of the sunscreens, along with Sun Sense, that is recommended by the British Association of Dermatologists. This company is looking at their environmental impact using cardboard packaging and formulas that are less harmful to marine life. Remember the best thing you can do is cover up as much as possible.
Better for your skin and the marine life.
This leaflet from the British Association of Dermatologists has some really useful information. Link here.

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