August: Watch. Follow. Read. Do. Buy.

Swimming in it, exploring it and, most of all, protecting it.
So, with National Marine Week at the beginning of August and so many of you hopefully enjoying everything the coast has to offer this summer, our WFRDB this month celebrates one of the most important elements on our planet. 


There is something incredibly healing about spending time in the sea and Jamaican surfer Imani Wilmot uses surfing as a way to transform the tough lives of the women around her by helping them to avoid a life of violence and crime. Surf Girl Jamaica highlights her aim to develop self-motivation, a sense of community and respect for the environment whilst also inspiring girls of colour from all over the world to see that they have a place in the surf industry. This film (directed by the brilliant Joya and Lucy from The Right to Roam centres on the first all-female surfing competition in Jamaica. 



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June: Watch I Follow I Read I Do I Buy


Davina McCall: Sex, Myths & the Menopause  (available on 4OD)

We find it frustrating that women don’t feel that they can talk about the menopause and apparently so does Davina! You will have seen over the last 12 months that we’ve run a number of talks with VHK Education Dr Heidi Kerr and Dr Victoria Hobbs who offer appointments via Health and Her platform. We’ve discussed this taboo subject and all the battles that come along with it. So we love that this is now getting some air time on our TV screens and raising awareness of what the menopause is really about. Davina talks to many women from different backgrounds with a range of different experiences who are all brave enough to share their story and help you to realise that you are not alone. 



For any BBC Radio 2 listeners, this name may already be familiar to you as he hosts a show on a Sunday night at 10pm all about mental health and wellbeing. On his...

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