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Davina McCall: Sex, Myths & the Menopause  (available on 4OD)

We find it frustrating that women don’t feel that they can talk about the menopause and apparently so does Davina! You will have seen over the last 12 months that we’ve run a number of talks with VHK Education Dr Heidi Kerr and Dr Victoria Hobbs who offer appointments via Health and Her platform. We’ve discussed this taboo subject and all the battles that come along with it. So we love that this is now getting some air time on our TV screens and raising awareness of what the menopause is really about. Davina talks to many women from different backgrounds with a range of different experiences who are all brave enough to share their story and help you to realise that you are not alone. 



For any BBC Radio 2 listeners, this name may already be familiar to you as he hosts a show on a Sunday night at 10pm all about mental health and wellbeing. On his Instagram, he not only shares clips from his podcast but also quotes and tips to get you through your day and help to reframe your mindset. The handy 3-4-5 breath exercise is definitely one of our favourites! 


Power portraits of girls on the cusp of adolescence - Photography exhibition

This is a relatively quick read from us this month and is more about the visuals anyway! Photographer Carolyn Mendelsohn has spent the last 6 years photographing young girls aged 10 to 12 who come from a range of different backgrounds. Her aim is to show that this is not an “awkward” age, as it often gets deemed, and instead is ‘important and beautiful’. As parents, sometimes we need this reminder that our pre-teen girls are about to hit some of the most difficult years of their life and we need to empower them to help them find the strength to navigate it. 


30 Days Wild - The Wildlife Trust

Last month, Mental Health Awareness Week was centred all around nature and, as the sun is finally starting to peek out from behind those rain clouds, we thought that it might be fun to get as many of the HOW family involved in this as possible.  

It’s simple - 30 days. 30 random acts of wildness. You could get creative by sketching something outside or writing a story inspired by nature. You could eat your meals outside or even cook something you’ve grown. Maybe you just spend some time lying on the grass watching the clouds and listening to the birds. Whatever it is, use it as a time to appreciate the beauty of what is around us - just like we did this time last year. 

You can sign up for an information pack via the website which gives you lots of hints and tips for getting the whole family involved.


You may have noticed that we are just a little bit (!) passionate about saving the planet and we know it won’t happen unless we all try to do our bit. A couple of weeks ago, some of you may have tuned in to Reduce Reuse Recycle week of The Great British Sewing Bee where the contestants had to use preloved clothing to make new garments (don’t worry, we don’t expect you to get your sewing machines out!) During that episode Patrick Grant revealed that, in the UK, we throw away a million tonnes of clothing every year which is equivalent to 200,000 African elephants (thanks Google!).

So what can you do? 

Have you got something in mind that you want to buy this month?
A new dress? New pair of shoes?

This might be contradicting this section of the newsletter but… do you really need it? Do you actually need to buy anything at all? Can you repurpose something you already have? Or repair the damage on it? Shop in your own wardrobe? 

Still need something? Why not head to a website which sells second hand clothes? Our favourites are Thrift+, Re-Fashion, Vinted, Depop and a Nottingham company, founded by two students called White Rose Fashion

For children and teenagers who grow out of their clothes so quickly, this is a fantastic way to buy (and sell!). 

Have a great June!

Jo and Polly

PS. The waiting list is open for our HOW Inspire membership for teen girls.

PPS. Coming soon: Look out for a trial of a Teen Business Hub session coming soon for those entrepreneurial girls who have been busy setting up their own businesses over the past year. 



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