What's all the fuss about Clubhouse?

The new kid on the social block is creating a LOT of noise.

This might help anyone wondering about the set up etc.

Feel free to share this with anyone who might find this helpful.

"Like Podcasts and Instagram have had a baby and dressed it in a Linkedin baby grow."

A few tips re Clubhouse from my last 48 hours of playing around with it

  1. Download the app and reserve your name @jowatkins is mine. If you are into podcasts, personal development and learning from others, just DO it!

  2. This first step is pre ordering your name. Usually they suggest your actual name rather than business name. Sadly, this doesn't get you in but it gets the process started.

  3. Then you have to wait for an invitation from someone. Ask around, ask in your groups. Create an invite chain within a group.

  4. When you get an invite it will be via a link in the app. There is just a waiting time before they go through the requests for the names without invitation. They reckon two - three weeks before they get in touch unless you get an invite before then.

  5. When you get in the App you go into a hallway where you can see the discussions about the subjects you have listed as interests. These are active conversations that are going on at the time and you can also see any planned conversations, if you like the look of them you can add them to your calendar.

  6. You can just go into any room and you will be in the audience listening in. Like listening to a podcast subject of your choice but being able to give your opinion too! if you want to talk or ask a question you raise your hand, when invited to, usually by the speaker, and then you go on to the stage. (you can raise your hand anytime but it is up to the speaker to bring you on the stage)

  7. The curator decides who speaks when but it is a conversation between the people once on the stage. You can just come on the stage to ask a question then they move you back into the audience (in the bigger rooms this tends to be the case) or in the smaller rooms the curator may just have everyone on the stage.

  8. The value comes in listening to your interests and subjects, clicking on the other attendees, seeing their profiles and following them on IG and DM them if you want to. Also, just chat. I thoroughly enjoyed my discussions today and learnt a huge amount as well as connecting with some brilliant minds. I had advice, suggestions and encouragement from people outside of my normal network and felt energised and inspired.

  9. I promised myself I would start getting to grips with it this week. Here was the timeline. Today - 6.30am I listened to a conversation on memberships with a big audience and asked a question (then sheepishly came off stage a bit embarassed and feeling a bit silly for some reason, beginners nerves) Today - 4pm I joined a much smaller room that I really enjoyed about female entrepreneurs and money and was on the stage chatting most of the time with 5 others. Today - 5pm Polly and I The HOW People co founders hosted a room to see what it was like. We chatted together, worked out the tech and realised a few things that we hadn't done but we did it! No one came in but we worked a lot out!

  10. The BEST thing is you can pop in and out of the rooms and press the 'leave quietly' button. No one sees, knows or cares if you are there or if you leave after 2 mins as it is not for you. It is really intuitive like that.

  11. It is about learning, connecting, mentoring, giving and receiving of knowledge. Yes, there are ridiculous rooms with people spouting nonsense and making out you can earn 7 figures in a month etc but you are going to find those everywhere. Just don't engage.

  12. Best described as like Podcasts and Instagram have had a baby and dressed it in a Linkedin baby grow. It will be useful for professional connections for us rather than clients but for some of you, your likely clients will be in there too. It is slick easy to use and I suspect will be hugely successful so don't delay in pre ordering your name at least while you wait for an invite!

  13. If you get on there we would love to connect. We are @jowatkins and @pollycrook founders of The HOW People a digital coaching membership community for teenage girls.

Dr Jo Watkins and Polly Crook
Co founders of The HOW People

The HOW People hosts a growing, digital, coaching community for teenage girls aged 11-16 yrs.
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