What's all the fuss about Clubhouse?

The new kid on the social block is creating a LOT of noise.

This might help anyone wondering about the set up etc.

Feel free to share this with anyone who might find this helpful.

"Like Podcasts and Instagram have had a baby and dressed it in a Linkedin baby grow."

A few tips re Clubhouse from my last 48 hours of playing around with it

  1. Download the app and reserve your name @jowatkins is mine. If you are into podcasts, personal development and learning from others, just DO it!

  2. This first step is pre ordering your name. Usually they suggest your actual name rather than business name. Sadly, this doesn't get you in but it gets the process started.

  3. Then you have to wait for an invitation from someone. Ask around, ask in your groups. Create an invite chain within a group.

  4. When you get an invite it will be via a link in the app. There is just a waiting time before they go through the requests for the names without invitation. They reckon two - three weeks before they...

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