What's the link between snorkelling, an online course and secondary school?

What’s the link between snorkelling, an online course and starting secondary school?

Doing something that scares you!

Yes, snorkelling used to scare me.

Doing something different is scary.

Signing up for an online course can feel scary.

Going up to senior school is also a bit scary even for parents!

Some kids are naturally super excited, others daunted and nervous.

It is a big change.

A change that we can help navigate.

Do you want to help your daughter flourish and thrive whilst navigating the big jump from Year 6 to Year 7.

⚡ Does it keep you up at night thinking of all the pitfalls she may encounter along the way?

⚡ Do you want to give you both the best possible start to Year 7 with information and support from several experts including a GP, a psychotherapist, teen mentors and an experienced Year 7 tutor?

 We have something that will really help.

‘Moving on up’ is a NEW online course designed especially for girls going into senior school… whether they are excited, scared, can’t wait, dreading it… we will be covering it all!

This course of 5 x 45 minute sessions: 3 live on 16th, 23rd and 25th August 7pm and 2 recorded sessions, will prepare you and your daughter with the tools you BOTH need to thrive.

Set her up for the best school years of her life!

⚡ Normally this course will cost £45 but until 13th August it is all yours for £9. Click on the link below

For full details CLICK HERE 

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