We all need a bit of encouragement

When you’ve been working hard at something for a while, that you are passionate about, you can get a bit lost in it it all.

Totally immersed in the doing.

There are some words that just make it all make sense and that, as cofounders, we need to hear.

Not because we are needy and have to be reassured but to make us focus on who we are helping and how we help them.

Yesterday, on our empty, off sauna Zoom meetings (it’s a standard at the moment) we spoke to journalist Stephanie Conway, Abi from Festival of the Girl and Natalie from Girl Be Club about up and coming collaborations.

Like minded people doing amazing things.

That was a huge encouragement and a great start to 2022.

Amanda Morgan Thomas is a great friend, confidente and mentor to us and her #testimonial is something we often refer back to at times like this when we need people in our corner. 

"Looking back at my time transitioning to high school - I was lost.

A careers teacher got us to take a quiz. I was fire'man' or career advisor. Possibly a newsreader. And then I was sent packing.

Luckily for me my family introduced me to work (Saturday jobs) at the age of 13 and were always taking me out to meet their pals (what, again, boring!) so I developed a good idea of what grown ups 'did'.

However... if The HOW People had been in my life - I think I would have been braver.

Full stop. 

I've seen kids on the HOW Inspire membership have a genuine light bulb moment when they listen to role models from soil scientists and sport professionals, vets to entomologists.

Widening our social connections to broaden our view of the world is critical.

We all know this.

At a time when many of our wings have been clipped by a global pandemic and central education budgets are squeezed tighter and tighter too. 

The time between junior and high school is still as loaded with questions, hormones, emotions and dilemmas as it was all those years ago.

But then multiply all that by TECH.

The Know HOW programme bridges the gap of what curriculum CAN teach and what all kids NEED exposure to and support with.

I'm excited to see what impact it has - already over 200 schools have taken part and I sense this is just the beginning.

Polly and Jo, you are going to make a big impact on the lives of our next generation."

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