We all need a bit of encouragement

When you’ve been working hard at something for a while, that you are passionate about, you can get a bit lost in it it all.

Totally immersed in the doing.

There are some words that just make it all make sense and that, as cofounders, we need to hear.

Not because we are needy and have to be reassured but to make us focus on who we are helping and how we help them.

Yesterday, on our empty, off sauna Zoom meetings (it’s a standard at the moment) we spoke to journalist Stephanie Conway, Abi from Festival of the Girl and Natalie from Girl Be Club about up and coming collaborations.

Like minded people doing amazing things.

That was a huge encouragement and a great start to 2022.

Amanda Morgan Thomas is a great friend, confidente and mentor to us and her #testimonial is something we often refer back to at times like this when we need people in our corner. 

"Looking back at my time transitioning to high school - I was lost.

A careers teacher got us to take a quiz. I was...

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Little Black Book

Welcome to the 'Little black book of independent business'

from The HOW People 

**An evolving list of makers, creatives and businesses from Wales and all over the UK** 

Local and independent retailers of non essential goods have taken a battering in 2020. Living in Mumbles, a vibrant village in Wales full of small businesses, we have seen this first hand and are doing our best to support locally.

The reality of shopping in 2020, lock down, a pandemic, busy lives and convenience also takes us to online shopping. This Christmas, try and think about whether you can buy and support an independent business in person, or online, run by an individual or family who will do a fist pump or a happy dance when your order drops into their inbox. It might take a few more days to arrive but they'll be doing a #HOWhappydance and it will make a real difference. 

Shop Local. Shop Independent. Shop Small. 


Jo and Polly


Instagram ...

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