We got it wrong

You asked, we listened. 

Listening is a skill.

You asked us two questions.

1. Why our ‘Moving on up’ course is only for girls?
2. I can’t make the live sessions. Will they be recorded?

Answer 1: We were wrong. And here’s why.

‘HOW Inspire’ is our signature digital membership for teen girls only. We hold a safe space for young women to come and be themselves at an age when everything is changing. They can talk openly about their changing bodies, hormones, friendship, anxieties, navigating social media and relationships whilst meeting amazing role models and forming an awesome community along the way. Sometimes, this is best done with just us girls to discuss. It’s a weekly call with videos on: an open community of awesome teens. Inspiring, exciting, safe.

‘Moving on up’ is NEW!

Maybe we got a bit stuck in our ways.
Maybe a bit stuck in our comfort zone.

‘Moving on up’ is recorded and with no cameras on for attendees so OF COURSE brilliant for absolutely anyone.

We got it wrong, and we love that you told us.

So… we are VERY EXCITED to let you know that the ‘Moving on up’ course is now open to ALL children going up from Year 6 to Year 7 whatever their gender identity.

At this point we need to point out that we both have boys too. Polly has a 6 year old boy and Jo has two sons, an 8 year old and a 12 year old who has just finished Year 7.

We KNOW this is needed for boys.
We also WANT this to be available for boys.

This course will help your child navigate this big jump into secondary school. They will develop different skills and tools to grow in confidence, understand others and make new friends. We can all learn how to be more comfortable in new social situations. It is a life skill!

Answer 2: Can’t make the live sessions. It is ALL recorded.

We have thought about it, and again, you were right.

Who has got time to do ANYTHING in the summer holidays bar pick things up off the floor, continually feed children and act as a taxi service?!

Simple answer, not many people! So, we have decided to release the whole course as a RECORDED course so you can dip in and out of it as you please.

The recorded sessions will all be available from 24th August. This will be just one click to see all the videos and then watch in your own time as you need, forever.

You asked.
We listened.
Thank you for showing us what was needed.

**remember the price is £9 for ALL this brilliant content until 6th Sept 9pm before it then goes up to £45.



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