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It seems a long time since our last festive Watch. Follow. Read. Do. Buy.
Christmas, New Year and one very busy January has passed since. 

For our first monthly round up, or WFRDB as we like to call it, of the new year is here and is highlighting ways to help support friends and neighbours, support your family and, just as importantly, support your own wellbeing.


5 reasons to set healthy boundaries

In our Just Pretty Awesome sessions this month, we’ve been talking about setting boundaries with our amazing girls. We’ve been asking: why are they so important?

Do we ever really acknowledge what our boundaries are? And, more importantly, how good are we at establishing these boundaries with other people? 

The answer to this last question is generally not very.

Rarely do we take the time to do an audit on what our ever-changing boundaries are but ignoring them can take a huge toll on our mental health. If you feel like you might need to reassess your boundaries then take a look at this video to remind yourself why strong boundaries are so important to our wellbeing and healthy relationships. 




Whilst suffering from postnatal depression, Kelly used poetry to help her overcome her struggles and, to help others, she posts short wonderful poems daily to give followers a little self-esteem boost.
So, courtesy of Kelly, we’d like to say:

“Sorry to interrupt your scrolling
But I have something to say
You are truly amazing 
In every possible way”



This Safer Internet Day make space for…

As a digital community, we can’t stress enough how vital it is for our young people to know the importance of being safe on the internet. But, as parents ourselves, we know what an enigma the internet, and social media in particular, can be.

This year, Safer Internet Day falls on Tuesday 7th February so take some time out to read some of the advice issued by the UK Safer Internet Centre which helps you to support your children as they interact with others online. There's also a whole section on dealing with social media alongside other common issues. 



Talking of the internet, it’s time to take back some control over what can feel like a never-ending slew of negativity. On Monday 6th February, we ask you to join millions of others around the globe to help flood social media with positivity. Post a story about an incredible act of kindness, share a photo of something amazing in nature or even just a cute pic of your dog - whatever it is, make sure it’s positive and be sure to use #ReclaimSocial so that they can track how far the movement has spread. 

You never know, start this habit and we could turn social media into a place of joy, confidence and positivity, not anger, trolls and guilt-inducing content. 


Pay it Forward

Sticking with the idea of creating a more positive world, have you ever heard of ‘paying it forward’? Has it ever happened to you? It’s very simple - do a good deed for someone, asking them to do something kind for someone else in turn. Pay for a coffee for the person behind you, settle someone else's bill in the pub or leave a book somewhere for someone to pick up. Just make sure you leave a note to ask them to pass the good deed on!

Fingers crossed momentum will gather and who knows how far down the line your act of kindness could go! 

The daffodils are out. The rugby is starting... Spring is here!

Best wishes

Jo, Polly and Emma

PS. If you have a daughter 11-14 years old we are doing a special 'taster month' of Just Pretty Awesome membership in February and will do the same in June. To sign up for the taster month use the coupon code TASTER to get 10% off. Live sessions on 6th Feb, 13th Feb and 20th Feb, Mondays 7.15pm.

Click here to sign up. We have some great stuff going on in February including a big Vision Boarding session, chatting about social media and screen habits as well as our book, film, music and app chat session. 


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