Why Bendylegs?

bendylegs granola Mar 29, 2021

10 years.

An actual decade.
On this day 10 years ago was the first time I revealed the branding and new packaging of the granola I had started to make on a bigger scale at home. The recipe from my wonderful, Canadian cousin Becky  that I had started making and selling in paper bags in the local market, a long time before the shelves were stacked with different granolas.
People loved it and wanted more. 
Some local shops agreed to stock it as a trial so I set about trying to persuade the cafes locally that Bendylegs Granola, fruit compote and yogurt was actually something that people would pay good money for on a breakfast or brunch menu like they did in Canada, Australia and New Zealand at that time. 
This was greeted with a considerable amount of scepticism in South Wales.
"Really? Instead of or as well as a bacon sandwich?"
"We can try it, I guess"
But. It had to look nice on the shelf. The paper bag wasn't quite...
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