Showing up

consistency showing up Oct 19, 2021

Consistency is something I have only grasped in middle age. 

It is a powerful thing so thought we should share

Starting something new, whether it is a business, a different hobby or a new subject at school, is hard work, complicated, not very slick and often a bit scary.
It is scrappy. In the words of The DO Lectures. (if you don't follow them then do and look out for any of their podcasts or books they are brilliant)

But, nothing happens without hard work, consistency and showing up.

You need to show up to the piano keyboard and practice to improve.

You need to show up at your desk to get your head around a new topic or project.

You need to show up on the pitch to get better at football.

You need to show up in your business to get things off the ground.

It has been a busy few months for us opening the membership again and launching into classrooms and it has felt a bit messy, complicated and...
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