Is it time to travel again?

Having both been lucky enough to travel a lot over the years we have friends and family across the world.

Prior to March 2020, it had felt that the world was a pretty small place and that any one of these people were just a quick flight away with the big barriers being cost, environmental impact plus the practicalities of travelling with young children.

Then came along a pandemic to shake that all up.

Not being able to visit family, see friends, explore different places, plan trips, deepen those connections with others that live away from our local area made us realise how important that was to us and grew our appreciation of the travel industry and our love of adventures.

Yes, this has lead to more micro adventures at home and making sure we know and love the wonders that are on our doorsteps but, as we creep out of this last 2 years of social isolation, we are looking forward to spreading our wings again, recharging and reconnecting with those who live around the world and...

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