Only human

 We are only human.
If you saw our Instagram stories yesterday, you will have seen the fall out of Polly’s day. The struggle of back to back meetings (her job, not HOW meetings) and trying to ‘home school’.
The impossible task of fitting education into a lunch break.
Getting frustrated when her son was not paying attention in the time slot, then the impending doom and guilt the minute she was back in the meeting wishing she could sit and read with him again and give him more time.
Feeling like, but absolutely NOT being, a Drama Queen. 
Jo totally gets it too. The Juggle.
“It’s super tough. As a GP, never before have we seen so much anxiety, stress and depression in the general population. That’s not even taking into account groups of the population that we know are under severe pressure and in awful situations at work as a result of this virus.
This is just regular people....
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This is not home schooling

Home schooling is a choice made for lots of different reasons. Usually, after a huge amount of discussion, opinion and often judgement from others.
A decision parents make as they feel it is the best direction for their own family or child’s situation at the time. Not something just thrown at you, that you try and muddle through, while working, when you can’t go anywhere or see anyone, in a global pandemic.
What is happening at the moment... Is. Not. Home. Schooling.
Nowhere near it.
This is Crisis Schooling.
We are all just trying to get through, with our heads above water.
This looks different in every house across the nation, and indeed the world, because of differing work patterns and external stresses. Doing school set work at home is pretty tricky for those continuing to work at home with little ones. Trying to help older ones with the tech, logins, something they didn’t understand, the assignments and...
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