The HOW Blog: All about periods

All about periods from The HOW People  

When was the last time you had an open conversation with your teen about periods?

When did the topic of periods become such a taboo?

Are there questions as an adult that you still feel you do not know the answers to?

The HOW People offer the opportunity for frank conversations about this very natural bodily function that we actually wouldn’t be here without!


Schools give all students a basic education in what periods are, how and why they happen and the products that are available to use but there are so many questions that teens have that they might not have the confidence to ask their teachers or parents.

Are there more environmentally friendly products on offer?

What is the best product to use when playing sport?

Can I still go swimming when I’m on my period?

What happens when my periods stop?

What is the menopause?

From starting your period to the menopause, this series of videos is designed to be...

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