HOW Fundraiser Film Night

In September we had our first HOW Fundraiser Film night at Cinema and Co to launch our winter film nights and raise money for the two charities we support, Surfability and Valley Kids.

We have had a few HOW girls volunteer with Surfability following HOW Sessions and they have loved this experience. Surfing with disabled children and adults and children with learning difficulties. Valley Kids is giving a huge amount to kids who have nothing and our residential is held at a Valley Kids property so we have chosen to support them with any fundraising we do.

We raised an an amazing £1400 from ticket sales and raffle. Some of the HOW Girls also made cakes and jewellery that they sold during the evening. Our total fundraising over the year has led to us presenting both charities with cheques for £816 each. 

Our film was Vitamin Sea by Cal Major documenting her record breaking journey on Stand Up Paddle Board from Land's End to John O'Groats on a mission to highlight all...

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