HOW HQ, Mumbles, South Wales, UK

Hi there. 

We are Jo and Polly.

We are Mums with quite a lot of kids between us but we still feel VERY young at heart! 

Jo has (little) Polly 14 (we have to call her that otherwise it gets confusing) Jinks 12, Tom nearly 8 and Meg 5 and Polly has Rory who is 5 and Bibi who is 2 and a half.

Here is a bit about us before we tell you what we wanted to tell you.

We have been friends for years initially  through Polly’s parents. In terms of school life they would never have even known each other. They are 10 years apart in age and they grew up 200 miles apart so they weren’t even at school anywhere near each other.

We both WISH that The HOW People had been around when we were teenagers.

It is sometimes hard to get your head around doing something new, especially with people you don’t know, especially online. We are all a bit sick of doing things online when we just want to see our friends and have fun together again. It is not easy at all at the moment. 

Being a part of this may well REALLY help you. Our Thursday calls are SO much fun. There are girls from all over the UK and even Canada and France.  You can leave your camera off if you want to, we love seeing your faces, of course, but that might take a bit of time and there is NO pressure.

Connecting you to and giving you the opportunity to ask questions to brilliant, inspirational role models. Growing your can do attitude to life and confidence as well as your ability to learn are amazing skills that we ALL need to work on.

Here is a sneaky peak of what we have coming up

  • A West End actress
  • Female fire fighters going to Antarctica
  • A forensic scientist
  • 3 x workshops on computers and their use in Forensics 
  • An entrepreneurial scientist
  • Women in engineering
  • Artists and designers
  • Health care professionals
  • People working in Law
  • Inspirational teachers who have become You Tube sensations in Lockdown and much much more.

Important things

  • You can leave whenever
  • We can refund you parents in the first 30 days if you aren't happy
  • You can bring a friend too for the first month with a #BFF code 

Prizes will given out in the first month for those that complete our #justprettyawesome challenge

Follow on Instagram if you are on social media to see what we get up to. We haven't quite made it onto TikTok yet. Keep in touch even if this isn't for you at the moment.

Take care and see you soon

Jo and Polly 

PS. Thought you'd like this video of us not being able to keep a straight face shooting our videos!! 

PPS. LINK HERE for a bit more information