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It’s September again and a time for a new start for many.

Perhaps you have a young person going into a new year, perhaps they’re starting a new school or perhaps they are flying the nest to begin their University life.

It’s exciting, worrying and overwhelming all at once and that goes for you as well as them.

Remember that it’s perfectly valid for you to feel that way and make sure you reassure them that the same goes for what they’re feeling.

Use some of our handy tools below to help you navigate this new landscape and the ups and downs.

Back to School Special - Build Confidence with The HOW People

Last year, we had the absolute pleasure of chatting to Jo from Flourish about the start of the new school year and how you can help your children to feel more confident going into what can feel like a social frenzy after weeks at home.

Tune in to find out how they can improve their self-esteem, hear top tips for making friends and also the advice we would love to give our teenage selves.   



Going back to school and the intensity of a new routine can feel like getting back on the hamster wheel and, with so many things to juggle (homework, after school clubs, classroom dramas), the first thing to go is time for ourselves.

Make sure everyone in the family makes self care a priority and the lovely illustrations on this feed can help you to do just that.

A colourful daily reminder to check in with YOU.


Goal Setting for Teens

September is a bit like a mini-January.

For your children, it can be a good time to set some new goals for the year ahead.

Perhaps last year didn’t go as well as hoped for the young people in your life so encourage them to use this as a fresh start.

This article starts with money saving goal but then talks through how you can work together to set realistic and achievable non-financial goals and give them the skills to work towards a bright future. 


Set some goals

This one was easy.

Follow the advice in the above and have a go at goal setting.

Maybe you can set some too!


6 Steps to Navigating Major Change Like a Pro

Mel Robbins is our absolute go to podcast for mindset, midlife and parenting older teens. 

In this episode of her podcast, she discusses how to navigate your way through big life transitions as smoothly as possible by accepting how you respond to these situations and being confident in the knowledge that you will make it through.

Have a listen (without little ears around!), digest and then translate to give your children the same support for dealing with change.

September also brings big changes for us both and new challenges. 

Our collaboration with The Princes's Trust kicks off and we are looking forward to seeing how that develops. 

A huge virtual HUG too all those kids and girls we have worked with who are starting a new chapter this year. Our mentors that started with us are now going to be applying to University. 

Time flies. Make it count. 

Jo and Polly 

PS. The Know HOW is our 'how to' guide for navigating Year 6 in primary school.

If you are interested in having access to 'The Know HOW for your Year 6 children or classrooms please hit reply and say "KNOW HOW" and we will be in touch.


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