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Drop everything and WATCH THIS. Two clips, under three minutes each, that will change your mindset and you will want to share with others. 

Do it. You will thank yourself, promise.

The biggest Welsh rugby fan in America, Director of Infrastructure Operations at Amazon and previously MD of GE Aviation here in Wales La-Chun came to talk to our HOW Inspire membership and we all left feeling totally inspired, pumped and ready to go and chase our dreams... she loved it as much as we did too! 


“We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as its other creatures do.” 

Over the last 12 months, we have all been forced to open our eyes and take a moment to appreciate the world around us.

Clearing our beaches and public spaces of litter has always been a huge passion of ours at HOW HQ. We have collaborated with 2 minute beach clean to bring a #2minutebeachclean board to our local beach and talked about this issue in local schools and love hearing adventures of others doing the same. This summer is going to be a busy one for all open spaces in the UK. Let's make sure we do our bit to help and take home what we brought with us when we are out and about. 


Lizzie Carr, Planet Patrol is living a life with purpose, clearing waterways of litter from her Paddle board, following a cancer diagnosis. You can join her on her mission by downloading her litter tracking app to make global brands accountable Earth Shakers is her podcast where she discusses these issues and chats with other awesome activists too. 


Some of you know us, some of you don't. We realise sometimes our stories get hidden and you may wonder why we do what we do, who we are and what this is all about.

There are so many back stories from us both that have bought us to this place. Growing this amazing community together from such different back grounds we thought we would share a few stories over the coming month. 

This month Jo wrote a blog post giving you some background into Jo and her first business adventure and why she is often called Bendylegs Jo. READ HERE
Next month: Polly Crook 


Join us for our big HOW Inspire launch at the end of the month.
We have events for parents and events for teens. 

Kicking off with a Parenting Teen Girls Summit on 20th April we will then open the HOW Inspire Membership to new members from 8pm and we have 2 weeks of HOW Inspire Open events for your teen girl to join to see what it is all about before closing to new members of 5th May 9pm.

This is a work in progress but for now
Diary dates:
Parenting Teen Girls Summit. 20th April TICKETS HERE
All day event. Free to attend. VIP Tickets available. 
Open HOW Inspire Membership sessions 22nd and 29th April 7pm (TBC)
Co founders Pow Wow chats (TBC)
Instagram and Facebook: 30 days of Inspirations. Parents and teens. 

How many times have you said that parenting a teen is hard?

The HOW Team run out of fingers and toes very quickly. We know there are challenges, we’re experiencing them too and we want to do what we can to help make this difficult time a little easier to navigate so we have called on a few experts.

15 to be precise.
Not wanting to make things easy we are going to talk to the all in ONE DAY!

Save the day 20th April.


We've add this section for Buy Once Buy Well products that we LOVE.

Ikea bags. We all know it. There is nothing else quite like them for a family day out, muddy boots, back of the car bag. In fact they are on our 'essential things to take travelling with you' list. 

Sarah Petherick's bags are the ideal replacement for those Ikea bags you’ve been lugging about for the last 10 years, they are far more durable and they come in some really cool colours too! We LOVE them.

Head to her website to pick up yours now. Use code THEHOWPEOPLE for 10% off your order. Sarah has given us a couple of bags as prizes for our events in April too. Thank you Sarah.

That's all for this month. Enjoy the sunshine, slight increase in freedom and chocolate over load! Happy Easter.

Jo and Polly

PS. Tickets are available HERE for the Parenting Teen Girls Summit on 20th April
Join the WAITING LIST for HOW Inspire membership for teen girls 11-16yrs. 
HOW Inspire membership is opening again 20th April and closing 5th May.

Read more about Jo's first business Bendylegs Granola HERE



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