How to inspire the next generation of awesome females in a digital world.

HOW to inspire the next generation of awesome females in a digital world

Discover how to inspire your teenage girl so you can watch her flourish and get excited about her future rather than simply hoping this will happen at school.

If you are a parent or guardian of a teenage girl one of the most important things will probably be the education and future of your child.

Unfortunately, most of us rely solely on the education system to inspire and encourage our teens. 

Schools are focused on passing exams and are limited in what they can teach outside of the National Curriculum. This often means our teens are leaving school feeling uninspired, disinterested and unsure what is out there for them in the world, whether they do well in their school exams. 

There is another way. 

This is not just something only available to people who are well connected or who go to private school. All of us can look outside the traditional school system to open up a network of support for our daughters.

Co-founders Jo and Polly both know from their own experience, just how important mentoring and role models can be. Not only that, Jo has a 14 year old daughter of her own.
"That’s exactly why we created the HOW Inspire digital membership programme for teenage girls all over the world. We find inspirational people and invite them to talk to your daughters about their journey, their story and their advice to their teenage self. Using mentoring, guidance and role models we have developed a movement of happy, driven, inspired and forward thinking young women who have inner self belief to know they have the ability to carve their own path in life.”

Polly Crook Co-founder of The HOW People 
“Exposure to role models, intergenerational and peer to peer mentoring is the most powerful way to inspire the next generation: building confident, forward thinking, innovative and passionate young people.”

Dr Jo Watkins Co-founder of The HOW People
HOW Inspire Digital Membership is OPENING on Friday 30th April at 9am to new members and closing 6pm on 6th May before the first session of the month at 7pm on Thursday 6th. 

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION This includes a preview and behind the scenes webinar of the membership with co-founders Jo and Polly about why they have started The HOW People and what it is all about. 


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