Jacinda ROCKS!

Just when we needed it, one of the most respected and well loved leaders in the world, tells us how the build up to Christmas looks for her and chats about her mental and physical wellbeing. 

Jacinda Ardern, the PM of New Zealand, a country we love, is home to many friends and has had responded so brilliantly in this Covid pandemic. Jacinda explains to ex All Blacks rugby player turned wellness coach, John Kirwan, about feeling like she is 'crawling to Christmas' this year.


Discussing self doubt and imposter syndrome she shares her strategies for dealing with this. Connections, loneliness and being an active relaxer. This 35 min chat really does cover so much of what we are about with The HOW People.

Looking at the basics. The pillars that make us function.

We call it The Know HOW. The important basics to grow your Happiness, increase the Opportunities that come your way and give you a framework for good mental and physical Wellbeing.

Make time to watch this LINK HERE

Hearing a world leader speak so honestly about leadership, motherhood and her own mental health and wellbeing is a great example to us all.


Jo and Polly 

The HOW People
Inspiring the next generation of awesome females. 

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