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This month we are introducing a slightly different newsletter and blog post to go alongside the popular WFRDB (Watch. Follow. Read. Do. Buy.)

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This is a bit of a behind-the-scenes round-up of the goings on at HOW HQ. Because someone recently asked us 'What are you up to at the moment?' and we realised sometimes it isn't always obvious from our current newsletter. 

So, this is a snapshot of what we are up to.

The main projects we are working on with links on how to get involved or how to sign up.

This week we have 4 things we'd like to tell you about:

1. Mindset and Mindflex Workshop for girls 11-16 years old: Monday 13th June 7pm

Last week, we attended TEDx Swansea and one of the speakers said… "Wouldn’t it be good if children were taught about mindset, feelings and confidence at school instead of all the focus being on Maths and English"

This is what The HOW People, our Know HOW programme into schools and our membership for teen girls is all about.

Building belief, working on habits and mindset, creating more confident, open minded, forward thinking young people. Encouraging our young people to take opportunities that come their way.

We are delighted to offer a free session on Monday 13th June 7pm all about mindset in young people. One of our regular coaches and mentors, Abi Williamson, will be talking about building and flexing our mindset. Aimed at girls 11-16 years old but open for anyone to attend, this is a webinar format, no cameras safe space session with an interactive chat box with Q&A.

To register click here and please share with anyone who would be interested to hear more. This is a really special opportunity to learn some stuff they don’t always teach you at school.

2. Pop up summer membership (girls 11-14 years old) July, August and September

The HOW Inspire membership has a new name, Just Pretty Awesome, and will be launching officially at the end of September.

We know that the summer and lead up to the new academic year September can be a tricky time, especially for those changing schools, so we wanted to offer a 'Pop up summer special' to be able to support our current membership girls at this time and offer an opportunity for others to join us for the summer months.

Any girls entering Year 7,8 or 9 in September 2022 are more than welcome to attend. 

3. 30 Days Wild Challenge

Monthly challenges are one way of giving you an often well needed kick up the back side to get out there and make a little change.

We are full speed ahead into 30 Days Wild in June which is something we do each year. The Wildlife Trust is a brilliant organisation and with this campaign they are helping us reconnect with the natural world in the smallest of ways each day, wherever you are able to.

We are delighted to be collaborating with them this year to help grow this movement and inspire young people and teens to get outside every day and appreciate the world around them.

We have launched a young teen photography competition this month for children aged 10-14 years old.

To enter DM or email us [email protected] a photograph capturing a special moment in nature with a title, your age and name before 6pm on 23rd June. The winner will be announced on 30th June and will receive a box of delicious Gower Cottage Brownies.


4. The Know HOW Schools project 

If you are a parent of a child in primary school or a teacher then we would love your help in spreading the word about our latest FREE assembly into Year 6 classrooms. ‘Healthy friendships in Year 6’ will be delivered live on Monday 27th June at 10am. 

Year 6 is a tricky time for friendship. There are some big changes going on, with the added complications of social media and access to groups, this can become a minefield.

100% of Year 6 and headteachers we have spoken to this year have listed ‘problems with friendships’ as one of the issues that are predominant in Year 6 classrooms.

But, positive friendships are vital for pre teens and teens. They give children a sense of confidence, belonging and support. 

Pre-teens need to learn how to navigate these changes, how to move from primary school to secondary school while cherishing their important friendships and making room for new ones while always ensuring they are kind to others.

Please share with any of the above with anyone who maybe interested. 

Thanks and have a great week.

Jo and Polly






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