We get it. Totally.

Changing schools.

Starting a new club.

Volunteering .

Going to university for the first time.

A new job.

A month of work experience.


We totally get it.

Doing something new.

Doing something different.

This makes everyone feel a little bit uncomfortable.

There aren’t many people who relish that idea of doing something new without feeling a tiny smidge of discomfort and anxiety.

Our confidence is drawn from evidence of the things we’ve been able to do or achieve in the past. Once you have done something once or twice you are more sure you can do it again.

To do something we haven’t done before, we need to draw on something else in our armoury.

Self Confidence.

This is the part of us that makes us secure about ourselves and our abilities.

To know that we will do our best, turn up with a smile and have a go.

This week we are going to be sharing our top tips and ways to deal with these situations that we will all find ourselves in at some point.


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