The Edge

*THE EDGE* (Trigger warning)

Written by psychotherapist Joanna Williams 

Ever write a post and think maybe it's a bit heavy? If it helps just one person. It's worth it!

Here goes..

Have you ever found yourself drawn to the edge.

A strange mix of "If I.. could I.. will I"

That obscure feeling of appeal and allure that can start to feel inviting..

No, I don't mean with harness and rope or rigged to a wing.. I mean standing there. Facing your own mortal mind that wants you to step off...

If you haven't I hope you don't!

And if you have?

I want you to know that it's not as uncommon or strange as it might seem. You haven't gone crazy or mad! Life can feel exhausting. The battles we fight in our mind can feel Intoxicating; overwhelming, convincing...

Suicidal thoughts are common.

But there is an alternative exit strategy..

One which I hope helps just one person to get back on the path to life!

Those feelings and urges, as convincing as they might be, are transient, changeable and...

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