Five Gold Things by The HOW People

So much can happen, often unrecognised or glossed over as we keep making baby steps towards the vision that we have for The HOW People.

So, it is time to stop, to step back and look at our highlights from 2022 before we take a bit of a break over the holidays. 

Here they are. 

Our Five Gold Things. 


On a beautiful sunny day in September, Esme, a 16 year old from Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA - who has been in our HOW membership community for two years having found us completely randomly - and her family came to Mumbles to visit us. She brought us new hats from her trip to Iceland. We laughed, ate and swam in a seaweed filled ocean.

She then travelled around the country and met up with other girls she’d met through the membership, making real life connections with people who will be friends for life. Tonight she is leading an art session for us as one of our HOW Mentors. One of our core values is CONNECTION. Reaching out and meeting new people, friends and groups to enrich your life.

As we grow we want to bring girls from across the globe together to inspire and support each other and this occasion felt like the beginnings of this and more. A big thank you to all our HOW Teen Mentors who are helping us and supporting the younger members of our community. 


A night of glitz and glamour in London, celebrating with friends from another local business as we were shortlisted for Entrepreneur for Good Award, plus hearing the news that we have been awarded ‘Best digital wellness platform in Wales’ in the European Enterprise Awards which will be formally announced in January. 


Meeting our small but perfectly formed, incredible, digital team in real life: sitting, talking, planning, laughing, playing, exploring and connecting for 24 hours, bathed in the sunshine by the sea in Wales. We want to make sure that happens every year.

Everyone is working away on their own which is great and we speak regularly but coming together to share, connect and learn. Priceless


After a long two years of working out how to navigate the online space, 2022 saw us deliver a series of workshops on friendships, social media and vision boarding for a charity called 'Us girls' in association with Swansea Council for 50 girls in a local leisure centre. We also delivered our first 'school trip' live session on 'Being You' for a Year 6 class from Llanelli and organised a PTA 2 minute beach clean and environmental awareness session for a local school.


Bringing together everything we have been working on for schools into our first real life, in print, hold it in your hand, all singing and dancing The Know HOW workbook for pupils to use alongside our online course. Next year will see similar products that will be available outside of schools so watch this space. 

Lastly, before we sign off for 2022 we wanted to say a big, big, big thank you to all the schools, parents and individuals who have been a part of our adventure this year.

Doing something new and opening up to a different way of learning and connecting with others can be daunting but just so valuable, fulfilling and fun. 

We will be back with our Just Pretty Awesome community from Monday 7th January and would love to welcome new members. Click here to find our more and sign your 11-14 year old daughter up to something a little bit different over the winter months. 

That is it from us until the 9th January. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Jo and Polly and the full team at The HOW People




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